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WUML’s Rock for Tots kicks off a generous holiday season

WUML’s Rock for Tots kicks off a generous holiday season

WUML brought dozens of people to Moloney Hall for the benefit concert. (Christopher Romano/Connector) Kathryn Leeber Connector Staff Raising money for two local charities, the Rock for Tots event featured four bands from around the area in a relaxed evening of music. The night showcased the talents of Daisy Bones, Oldsoul, Soft Cactus and Bay

Rumba Latina: A glamorous night of art, food and culture

MCs Gerard Colome (left) and Orquidia Paulino (right). (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Staff At 10 minutes of seven this past Saturday night, Latin American Student Association, LASA, students and the numerous other affiliated student organizations congregated in and around Moloney Hall at University Crossing as they eagerly prepared for the upcoming festivities of their

On-campus club hosts event displaying prosthetic devices made with 3D printers

Shane Foley Connector Edtior eNABLE Lowell is a chapter of the eNABLE Community Foundation that has, quite frankly, been hard at work for six months. Since their start up in October 2015, they have operated without aid to deliver low cost prosthetics to children in need. That all ends this Sunday at noon, however, because

Anime Club sponsors event dedicated to Pokemon

Shane Foley Connector Editor On Saturday, February 27th, the world will be celebrating Pokemon. It will be 20 years since Pokemon Red and Green was released in Japan, and many festivities are planned for the holiday. One such festivity will be a Nintendo Direct for Pokemon that will occur the day earlier in the United

Disable the Label incorporates sign language into two games

Disable the Label filled University Suites 106 with Bingo and Twister players. (Shane Foley/Connector) Shane Foley Connector Editor Disable the Label, an on-campus organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of underprivelaged identities, runs an annual event using Bingo as a means to practice sign language. In the latest iteration of the event, however, the

River Hawks After Dark lights up Campus Recreation Center

Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell Shane Foley Connector Editor The Student Government Association and ACE helped Greek Life end Welcome Back day strongly. The Riverhawks After Dark event, held in the Campus Recreation Center, featured many different luxuries that are not excluding an enlarged bouncy house. “This event met our expectations,” said Malinda Reed, SGA