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‘Love, Death & Robots’ is a mess

‘Love, Death & Robots’ is a mess

David Fincher, the director of “Fight Club,” is one of the show’s producers. (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Troy Lafond Connector Editor “Love, Death & Robots” is a Netflix adult animated anthology sci-fi show where each of the 18 episodes focuses on either love, death, robots or a combination of each. Each episode was animated by

Underrated Classic: ‘Zodiac’ is Fincher’s best

Gary Oldman was considered for the role of Melvin Belli. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Director David Fincher has made a lot of critically acclaimed films in his career, such as “Fight Club,” “Gone Girl” and “Seven” to name a few. The best of his impressive lineup, though, is his 2007

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