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Clinton falls short in polls after health concerns

Liam Elliot Connector Contributor Sept. 11, Democratic Party Nominee for President Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony she was attending for apparent medical reasons. Her campaign originally came out with a statement 90 minutes after her departure saying she “felt overheated.” The Conservative news circle soon started circulating a video that seemed

‘Bojack Horseman’ makes us laugh through our tears

The show was created by first time show-runner Raphael Bob-Waksberg.(Photo courtesy of Netflix) Liam Elliot Connector Contributor Who knew an anthropomorphic horse could hit the nail on the head on how all us humans feel at one point or another in our lives. At one point in our lives we can all say that we

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic