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UMass Lowell students share their experiences interning at both National Conventions

Five UMass Lowell students interned at the national conventions and shared their experiences. Jessica Kergo Connector Staff “Surreal”, “breathtaking”, “once-in-a-lifetime”. These were just a few phrases that UMass Lowell students described their experiences interning at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions through The Washington Center. UMass Lowell’s tagline, “Learning with a purpose” was certainly made

Clinton falls short in polls after health concerns

Liam Elliot Connector Contributor Sept. 11, Democratic Party Nominee for President Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony she was attending for apparent medical reasons. Her campaign originally came out with a statement 90 minutes after her departure saying she “felt overheated.” The Conservative news circle soon started circulating a video that seemed

British Debate discusses heated topic

The seperate factions ahd time to prepare their argument before debate (Mary Connell/Connector) Mary Connell Connector Staff The second annual British Debate was held at Moloney Hall, University Crossing this past Tuesday, March 29. Students debated over the following statement: Donald Trump is good for American politics. There were eight debaters in total, with two