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A wise freshman: The story of Erreca Victor

A wise freshman: The story of Erreca Victor

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Kelley) Humans of UMass Lowell is a project that aims to bring together the University community by sharing stories and experiences via social media. Kyle Kelley Connector Contributor Two things grind freshman Erecca Victor’s gears: when people leave their backpacks hanging too low on their backs and being interrupted. Victor is

On this day in history: the story of Baby Fae

(Courtesy of: The Times) Baby Fae was the first infant recipient of a xenotransplant procedure, in which she received an organ from another species Kyle Kelley Connector Contributor 37 years ago today, Stephanie Fae Beauclair, a baby born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, became the first infant patient of a xenotransplant procedure. Beauclair, nicknamed “Baby Fae”, received