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Students say they worry about their votes mattering

Julia Ashley  Connector Contributor In the political sphere, two extremes dominate the discussion: those who are not aware of any political agenda, and people who care very much about the political climate. A point of contention between these two differing views often stems from the subject of voting participation or lack thereof among the different

Should voting be mandatory?

Individuals entering a polling station to vote. (Photo courtesy of Medford Patch) Jennifer Wall UML Student According to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, in the last four presidential elections the percentage of voters to participate has not peaked 62.3 percent. This means that nearly 38 percent of the population has chosen

Hit the ballots, young America

Shayna Vigliotta Conector Contributor Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Presidents are selected, not elected.” Our thirty-second president of United States made a good point–we have that power and privilege to vote. Some students argue that their lack of voting is because they feel it will not make a difference when the young adult population makes