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Top five wishes for ‘Smash Bros.’ game on the Switch

The prospect of a “Super Smash Bros.” game for Switch was debunked upon to system’s release in March 2017. (Photo courtesy of Nintendo)

Shane Foley
Connector Staff

Recently, many fans have grown excited over the many rumors of the Super Smash Bros. series coming to the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but that is not stopping fans of the series deliberating over what should be in the game. This means that Nintendo certainly should have an idea of what fans are looking for when and if this game is released, so here are the top five things people want on the new Super Smash Bros. game.

5. One forgotten character makes a return: Smash fans have had some really heartfelt goodbyes to make. While downloadable content in the latest game meant some characters could come back, fans are still waiting on the return of some characters like Snake and Ice Climbers. Since the roster for this new Smash game will likely be huge, it would be sad if Nintendo does not give fans back one of their forgotten heroes.

4. Utilizing skins more: One controversy that sprang from the release of the previous title, “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS,” was how many similar characters they had. Some of these characters, like Dr. Mario and Dark Pit, made some wonder why they could not simply be different skins. For Smash, skins are becoming much more than a pallet switch, as many characters use costumes of other characters, Dark Samus, Fierce Deity Link and Chrom to name a few. To save room for other characters, it might be wise to make characters like Dr. Mario simply alternate skins. This might be the only thing saving us from having 15 Fire Emblem characters in the game.

3. Characters from newer titles: This had been a mainstay of the series for a while. The last title did not seem to capitalize on this much, opting to bring back more older characters ala Little Mac and Pacman. Now that the Switch has been released for a while, however, this might be an opportunity to introduce some newer characters to the series. An Inkay for Splatoon or an Arms character are just some examples of newcomers Nintendo could fit in the roster.

2. Smash Ballot runner ups: One of the most turbulent times for Smash Bros. fans came years ago when the Smash Ballot allowed fans to vote for one extra character in the game. While some were happy with the eventual winner in Bayonetta, still many fans were dejected that beloved Nintendo figures like Geno of Super Mario, King K Rool of Donkey Kong and Simon Belmont of Castlevania were not included. This new game would be a great opportunity to incorporate one of these runner ups into the roster.

1. Subspace Emissary Ver. 2: The single player mode has been one of the most volatile game modes in Smash history. Super Smash Bros. is typically known for its multiplayer experience as opposed to its single player features. This is probably why for the last game fans got Smash Tour instead of an adventure mode. Many fans still remember The Subspace Emissary fondly from “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” however. It featured a great story that involved every Smash character on that roster. Being able to see something like that in Nintendo Switch HD with newer characters like Shulk and Corrin would be a treat many fans would thank Nintendo for.

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