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MLB Playoffs Recap: Philadelphia Phillies stun world and face Houston Astros in World Series

(Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times) “Designated hitter Bryce Harper holds trophy after winning National League Championship Series.”

Tanner Hume
Connector Editor

The World Series is now set, but it is better to look at the fallen teams that did not survive this brutal postseason. This was very surprising and very entertaining to say the least.

Tampa Bay Rays: Rays, the only reason you got swept in the Wild Card Series was that SpongeBob was cheering on the Guardians. The luck from under the sea did not do you any favors today. You looked washed out there and proved to everyone that you have a lot of work to do to be good, in any semblance.

Toronto Blue Jays: The less said about this choking hazard, the better. How do you blow an 8-1 lead to the Mariners of all teams? Dear god, it’s like you wanted to lose. This was the move, right Vladdy? Because this felt more like “Mockingjay Part One” than anything heroic.

St. Louis Cardinals: Really can’t say anything negative here, as you tried to win, but could not get it done. All that can be done now is to say thank you to pitcher Ada Wainwright, catcher Yadier Molina and first baseman Albert Pujols for their amazing careers. They are all legends. Enjoy retirement.

New York Mets: “LOLMets” runs supreme. You couldn’t even beat the Padres. “LOLMets” ran by at the best possible time, and now the memes will spread throughout the land. The Mets will always disappoint fans. Always.

Cleveland Guardians: Another October that has gone to waste. And at the hands of the Yankees. The one positive about this series is that you at least brought it to the full 5 games, but that is all. Try again next year, Cleveland.

Seattle Mariners: Okay, wait. You make Toronto choke on their mediocrity and have a lot of momentum going into the American League Division Series (ALDS), and you become the chokers? And to Houston of all teams? It’s like you love lowballing your fans every year. Only you, Seattle. Only you.

Atlanta Braves: Okay, it is one thing to be the defending champs and put on a fight then lose. What do you call this, Atlanta? The Phillies just trounced all over you, and you did practically nothing. There might be an overhaul coming. There is a disturbance in the force.

New York Yankees: Oh, you want Houston, eh? Well, you’re going to get Houston alright. To the beat of bats beating you out of the series. You couldn’t even win a game. Everyone is now laughing at you. Absolute clowns.

San Diego Padres: Credit where credit is due, you got this far without shortstop Fernando Tatís Jr. That itself deserves major props. Game One was an especially amazing game for you. Just fix up a couple of things, you might be looking at a World Series soon.

Now that the fallen have been mercilessly clowned to death, it is time to see who will fight for the right to become champions.

AL: Houston Astros (#1 seed)
Come on, again? Please just go away. All jokes aside, you have one of the best cores in baseball today, and a trip to the World Series was very fitting. After losing key players over the years like outfielder George Springer and shortstop Carlos Correa to name a few, you always replenished via trade or your farm system. This will probably be your best shot at winning a clean and untainted World Series yet, but there is one team in your way.

NL: Philadelphia Phillies (#6 seed)
Wait a minute, Philadelphia? Wasn’t this team on the brink of another rebuild earlier this year? Firing manager Joe Girardi won’t solve their problems? Well, apparently it did. The Phillies are massive underdogs and they somehow still made it here. This team can be compared to hockey’s 2012 Los Angeles Kings, as they both fired their coaches at around the beginning of the season, barely making it in as the last possible seed with the lowest record out of any playoff team, and then proceed to go on a “Cinderella run” throughout the postseason. That is what this team is.

So, the final stage is set. The battle is about to commence. It is “David vs. Goliath” on the grandest stage in all of professional baseball. Winner takes all.

Prediction: Looking at both teams, it is very clear who is the heavy favorite, and who is the major underdog that can play a massive spoiler. For that, the Philadelphia Phillies will win the World Series and defeat the Houston Astros in six games, seven at best. Get the popcorn out and let the battle begin.

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