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Sifting through the countless NFL trade rumors

(Photo courtesy of “Quarterback Lamar Jackson has been in trade talks.”

Tanner Hume
Connector Editor

The 2023 NFL offseason has been well underway for the better part of two months now, and a lot has happened. Every free agent under the sun was being signed to either the NFL or the thrice-revamped XFL. One thing that has kept the fans on their toes were the various trade rumors that surround the NFL. So, who is rumored to be shipped off and who is expected to actually be on the move?

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers was the center of trade rumors since the 2021 NFL Draft where he told the Green Bay Packers he wanted out. Well, it may finally be happening this offseason as those rumors picked up tenfold; on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers publicly stated that his intention was to play for the New York Jets. Wait why the Jets? The only accomplishments that team has had since the turn of the millennium are two playoff wins, a “buttfumble,” and being one of the league’s biggest laughing stocks year after year.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson: On March 2nd, Lamar Jackson requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens after being given a non-exclusive franchise tag which means that any team can sign him, but the Ravens, who have his signing rights, can match at any time for up to a week after the signature. Jackson has been asking for more guaranteed money than Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, which for a player that can’t stay healthy for more than half a season, really is a longshot. The Patriots were rumored to trade for him, thanks to Jackson’s friend, rapper Meek Mill, supposedly giving that information to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. But they have since said they are not pursuing him.

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins: It’s one thing to play for a quarterback who only really cared about his K/D on Call of Duty in Kyler Murray, but when the team that has that quarterback is actively trying to trade you, then something went very wrong. With the new regime in Arizona, Hopkins has been shopped around with many people wondering where he may end up. His talents were wasted in both Houston and now Arizona. Someone please free this man. Hopkins is worth the talent, especially with his deep passing abilities, he can single handedly turn an offense deadly if used right.

Wide receiver Jerry Jeudy: Wait a minute, why him? Sure, he has had some injury issues, but it doesn’t mean that Jeudy should be traded. He is a phenomenal and young talent. The fact that Jeudy has been the target of trade rumors really goes to show that Walmart, just like their stores, don’t care about the future and only care about money and winning. By trading Jeudy, you lose both. Then again, Walmart has been known to screw people over time and time again. And with them buying the Broncos, it was only a matter of time. Jeudy deserves better than this.

Running back Derrick Henry: Oh man, this one stings. The King himself has been rumored to be traded. Yes, Henry probably has suitors lining up around the corner and down the street, but buyers must beware: Henry has had some injury issues this past season or two, which complicates things. Yes, he is still a dominant beast that can truck through linebackers for breakfast. But even a beast can be on a decline after some wear and tear. Still, this is a major opportunity to grab an elite running back while he is still available. Take the risk, but also be cautious.

These are only just some trade rumors going around. Heed these trade rumors with caution and always keep an eye on reliable sources and be careful of trolls and fake accounts pretending to be the real deal.

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