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Why love sucks

Photo courtesy: Hospice Care of Lowcountry (Heartbreak affects everyone at some point.)

Tanner Hume
Connector Editor

I think it is safe to say that we all know what love is: that feeling you have for someone you truly connect with in more ways than none. Despite what many people will tell you, love is the biggest pain in the neck known to mankind. And no, I am not just saying that because I’m single and going nowhere in life, I’m saying it based on experience.

Sure, love is fun when you have that feeling—it’s an amazing feeling. But what about when it absolutely blows? Arguments, insecurities and getting cheated on. It’s one thing to not love someone anymore, but when you cheat, it is basically the equivalent of putting a sticky note on your own back that reads, “I am an absolute douchebag that hurt someone to benefit my needs, not theirs.”

Some people treat love like it is a game, that a heart can be played with and tricked. Newsflash people: it isn’t. I absolutely hate it when people try that. And it isn’t just the males that partake in it; women do it too. Anyone can do it. Heck, I was on the wrong end of those three times. Trust me, I understand how it feels.

Let me give off some examples of why love is the biggest pain in the neck. First, it’s the arguments. Yes, every couple does fight at some point about something. The frustrating part that makes love not worth it is how arguments can stem from the tiniest little thing. If you do so much as breathe the wrong way, an argument will sprout.

What’s even worse about it is, the argument tends to stick on anyone’s mind either for the rest of the day, or a few days after the fact. It’s mentally screwing with one’s brain and it brings down morale. It is a complete waste of time.

The second thing is insecurities. Everyone has them—including myself—and it stinks. What’s worse is when those insecurities hit during a relationship, especially when you think you’re not good enough for the one you’re with (spoiler alert: you are, king/queen). It stinks to have these insecurities in a relationship because it makes everyone second guess themselves and devalue themselves in an unhealthy way.

The third thing is breakups. It’s literally one of the worst things about love ever, do not fight me on that. No one ever wants to get broken up with. The feeling is similar to that of getting your heart ripped out of your body. When it happens, everything just suddenly stops, and you feel like everything is ending and your world is crumbling and collapsing all around you. My goodness, it hurts on both sides of the breakup. It hurts to break up with someone and it hurts to be broken up with.

The last thing is shooting your shot. Everyone has tried shooting their shot with someone they have a crush on. I did it this semester, and I’m not exactly sure where things stand. But when it fails, and you really like the person, it can hurt a good bit. If being in a relationship gave love a sour taste, trying to make a move hurts just as much.

And this is why love is the biggest pain in the neck known to humanity. Everything can go wrong in an instant, and it can leave anyone in discomfort and suffering. It’s fun to have but hurts to hold onto sometimes. But at the end of the day, the longer you hold on, the stronger the relationship becomes in the process.

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