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Dining hall pizza is the highlight of campus dining

(Photo courtesy of: “Pizza is a popular choice among students for meals and snacks in the dining hall.”

Steven O’Hara
Connector Editor

University of Massachusetts Lowell dining hall options have been and will continue to be a place for criticism and discussion. Many students feel very opinionated about the quality of food and dining services provided. There have even been published articles expressing said opinions. However, no matter their stance, there seems to be one agreed-upon fact. That undeniable truth is that dining hall pizza is awesome.

No matter cheese, pepperoni, meatball or mushroom—that brick-oven pizza is a definite highlight to any dining experience. Whether you’re on the East campus or the South campus, you can trust that the quality of this cheesy delicacy will always be the same. Now, I’m not saying the dining halls are perfect; although I enjoy many of the options they provide us. The pasta station is an appreciated new addition to Fox Dining. What I am saying, however, is that you can’t go wrong with pizza. It is a staple part of the University of Massachusetts Lowell dining experience.

I have been eating at the dining hall almost every day since the first semester I started here. As a result, I have experienced the full array of options dining services has to offer. I believe many students can agree that depending on the time of day or even time of year, the quality of food is called into consideration. However, I don’t think I have ever had one bad slice of pizza.

Although all pizza is delicious, there is a hierarchy depending on the topping. I will limit my stance to a top three roster, those being: 1.) mushroom, 2.) pepperoni and 3.) meatball. I could write three separate pieces about why I feel each topping deserves its respective ranking, but for now, trust that as a semi-fully functioning member of society, this hierarchy of pizza is secured in my experience beginning as a freshman at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and now as a junior.

I still feel that I should give a separate commendation to the old reliable cheese pizza. Out of every hot take I have made in this piece, I believe that we can all agree that cheese pizza is a fundamental necessity in this food group. It is the base—the foundation, for what we all enjoy. Without it, there would be no such thing as pizza. There would be no food that truly unites us. Also, I would like to add that besides pizza, stromboli had a close place in my heart. It really is a good day when there is both pizza and stromboli.

As I wind down my love letter to the dining hall pizza, I would like to give some people their flowers. I want to commend all the hard-working staff that work at both dining halls who give residents, professors, facilities and commuters alike the opportunity to have fresh meals throughout the day. No matter the opinions about the quality of the food served, we appreciate all the effort that is put in to provide such an important service for us.

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