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Boygenius masterminds a night of surprises for Boston fans

(Photo courtesy of: Rolling Stone)” Boygenius is a supergroup consisting of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus.”

Savannah Baker
Connector Editor

After finishing their Europe tour, Boygenius returns to kick off their East Coast tour in Boston. The band played two back-to-back nights at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway on Sept. 25 and 26. Little did the audience know the supergroup had a handful of surprises in store.

New England’s very own, Palehound, opened both nights in Boston. The band started off the night with a high-energy alternative rock sound that remained consistent throughout the rest of their set. Boygenius band members, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker were spotted off stage cheering on their fellow musicians on night one. Palehound finished off their set expressing gratitude towards the audience’s welcoming energy as lead performer, El Kempner, stated that was the biggest crowd they have yet to play for.

Prior to Boygenius’ entrance on stage, band members stood backstage performing a beautiful harmonization of their debut album’s opening track, “Without You Without Them,” before running onstage with an energetic greeting. The band then immediately jumped into playing a series of fan favorites off “The Record” before diving into some older works from their self-titled EP.

Midway through the set, Boygenius took a step back from songs that the three members have collaborated on together as a band. Each playing one individual song from their own discography. Dacus started out this segment with the slow elegy “Please Stay” from her most recent record “Home Video.” Baker and Bridgers continued the lamentable theme with Baker’s “Favor” and Bridger’s “Graceland Too.” Each member chimed in on these songs as a backup vocalist for one another onstage.

Before continuing to perform hits from their self-titled EP and debut album, “The Record,” on night one, Dacus announced that the band was going to play a never-before-played, unreleased song called “Black Hole.” Following the performance of “Black Hole,” the band announced their new 4-track EP, “the rest,” will be released Oct. 13. Fans were beyond surprised and ecstatic about the announcement. On night two, the supergroup announced they would be performing a second unreleased track off their upcoming EP, “Afraid of Heights.”

As the band began wrapping up their set, Bridgers instructed the audience to put their phone away for emotional track “Letter To An Old Poet.” Bridgers explained to the crowd that she enjoys being able to see the audience’s faces during the personal performance. After an intimate moment with the audience, the band finished out their set with single “Not Strong Enough.”

The audience roared for several minutes until the band came back out to perform two encore songs, both from their self-titled EP. The first being “Ketchum, ID,” which was followed by fan favorite “Salt In The Wound.”

Midway through the final encore song on night one, Bridgers waved unexpected guest, Hozier, on stage. After one big surprise earlier in the night, no one was expecting a special guest appearance. The singer-songwriter joined the stage to perform alongside Boygenius on the final track to close out the night.

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