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LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s drag winter realness

LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s drag winter realness

(Photo courtesy LGBTQ+ Resource Center) “UMass Lowell’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s drag show is a long time popular form of expression.” Julie Sage Connector Staff The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is putting on a drag show this Friday, February 10th at 7 p.m. in University Crossing’s Maloney Hall. The theme of the show is Winter Realness, and

Celebrating Black History Month at UMass Lowell

(Photo courtesy of UML Libraries Twitter) “Multiple offices of UMass Lowell gets involved in celebrating Black History Month.” Julie Sage Connector Staff Black History Month is just around the corner, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs has a lot of events in February to celebrate. There are sports events, talks and more!  February 1st starts

The Hair Expo: Celebrating beautiful hair

(Photo courtesy, Jeffrey Alphonso, Instagram: @jeffrey.alphonso) “Picture taken during the first model walk, with three women’s hair designed into the letters BSU for the Black Student Union.” Julie Sage Connector Writer On November 4th, the Black Student Union ran the Hair Expo at University Crossing, it was a fantastic event. The event celebrated how wonderful

Are UMass Lowell’s COVID guidelines enough?

(Photo courtesy of TIME) “Colleges across the country have varying degrees of COVID-19 measures still in place.” Julie Sage Connector Contributor Everything feels like it’s returning to normal after COVID with only a few restrictions and protocols. Many people consider COVID over and no one really needs to worry about catching it anymore. However, COVID