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Alumni Spotlight: Tastery Reed and his role in the future of police reform

Alumni Spotlight: Tastery Reed and his role in the future of police reform

(Photo courtesy of Tastery Reed) “Tastery Reed is a graduate of the UMass Lowell criminal justice program.” Nate Coady Connector Staff UMass Lowell has had a rising criminal justice program that has been revered as one of the best in New England for a few years now. A testament to that is UMass Lowell alum

Alumni spotlight: Veteran earns accounting degree proves it is never too late to go back

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Perez) Ashley Rose Rivera Connector editor A member of UMass Lowell’s 2014 graduating class, Jonathan Perez holds more than just the title of an alumni. He is a veteran, husband and father in his daily life and during his academic one, was a non-traditional commuter transfer student. Perez’s story is one

Alumni Spotlight: City Solicitor reflects on college years at UMass Lowell

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor  “Of the three different higher education institutions I went to, I really retain a special fondness for Lowell,” said Lowell City Solicitor Christine O’Connor. O’Connor attended the University of Lowell and graduated in 1988, a few short years before the school would be taken in as part of the UMass system

Alumni Spotlight: Chancellor Jacquie Moloney

Moloney is the first woman to serve as chancellor in the university’s history. (Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Taylor Carito Connector Editor “Girls like you don’t go to college.” Those were the words of UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney’s high school guidance counselor when she asked to be enrolled in college-level courses. One of eight children,

Ruben Sanca: River Hawk and olympian

Ruben Sanca ran in the 2012 Olympics (Courtesy of Hannah Manning Connector Editor In the last ten years, Ruben Sanca has become synonymous with UMass Lowell not only for working there since attending undergraduate school but also in his exemplification of the traits that the university holds close. Sanca, an Olympian marathon runner who

Artist spotlight: Lucas DeLisle

The album artwork for Lucas DeLisle’s “FOMO.” (Photo courtesy of Michael Nuzzo and Andréa DeLisle) Christina Laderoute Connector Staff At the age of four, Lucas DeLisle’s parents signed him up for piano lessons. Little did they know it would play an important role in shaping his future. Born in Lowell but having moved to Leominster at