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Macklemore goes solo with his new album ‘Gemini’

Macklemore goes solo with his new album ‘Gemini’

“Gemini” opened at No.13 on The UK Top 100 Music Charts. (Courtesy of Bendo LLC) Andre Ragel Connector Contributor Last Friday, Macklemore dropped his newest album “Gemini.” It is his first solo album since his 2006 album “The Language of My World.” The absence of Ryan Lewis from every song in the album is noticeable

The signs for midterms

Michaela Hyde Connector Editor Aries: Argues every essay question with the professor for extra points. The answer was open to interpretation, okay? Taurus: Stress eating. More ice cream equals higher grades, right? Right. Gemini: Cheated off the kid next to them…. and did better on the exam… Cancer: Breaks down every single time Blackboard freezes.