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When bingo goes glamorous with Gigi Glam

(Photo courtesy of Julie Sage) “Gigi Glam taking center stage showing off one of the prizes offered for Drag Bingo.”

Julie Sage
Connector Staff

“Drag” and “bingo” are not two words commonly heard together, but the Drag Bingo event held on October 11 showed that it should be done more often. The event was run by UMass Lowell’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center and A.C.E. for Coming Out, Coming Together month. The event consisted of students playing bingo with numbers being announced by a drag queen, Gigi Glam. Gigi Glam is from Boston Massachusetts and travels across states to do performances and to host events like this one.

Many students showed up, to the point that extra tables had to be added in the lobby of UCrossing and some students even had to sit on the second floor. Students played through 10 rounds of bingo, with each round having a prize. The prizes given out were a LEGO Botanical collection set, a Comfy Original, a small disco ball, an assortment of card games, a portable speaker, a karaoke machine, a camera, a projector, Apple air pods, and two VIP tickets to a local drag show. The games went on for two hours, and the energy in the room was intense, but it was also fun. Gigi Glam played with the audience in between announcing the numbers, and there were a lot of great and funny moments.

After the bingo games, Gigi Glam gave her all to performance to Rihanna’s S&M, where she was dancing with a few of the students. Some of them ended up blushing after, which a lot of other students ended up laughing over. There was also a bit of a splash zone near the end when she took someone’s water bottle and poured it over herself and then threw it around her head. All of the students had so much fun interacting with her, and a whole lot went up to take pictures with her after the event.

When asked about the event, Gigi Glam says, “I think it’s super important that events like drag bingo are brought to campuses across the world. I think it showcases not only diversity and inclusivity, but also showcases that you don’t have to just be part of the LGBTQ+ community to have fun and enjoy a night out. I think drag is such a niche art, so for students at UMass Lowell to come out and enjoy an event like drag bingo, in numbers like this, is iconic, and I think it shows what UMass Lowell is doing in their system to make sure that they are inclusive in anything that they do.”

To students that have missed this event, do not worry because there are still more events being hosted by the LGBTQ+ Resource Center for Coming Out, Coming Together month. On October 18 from 5-6:30 p.m., they will host their Monthly Social to talk about LGBTQ+ history and how important it is to have queer spaces. On October 20 from 2:30-5 p.m., there will be a thrift day by the Student Society for Sustainability in the UCrossing lobby where students can get some nice free clothes. Any clothes left behind will be donated to the Dress to Express closet in the LGBTQ+ Resource center. On October 24, there will be the Pride Ride with another drag queen, Kori King, and student instructor, Billy Lefebvre, for a fun spin class at the Campus Rec Center Studio 2 from 5:30-6:15 p.m. Lastly, on October 19 and October 26 from 3:30-5 p.m., are the last

two parts of the Meaning Behind Our Dollar Workshop: Financial Wellness and Education by Andrew Gilliand, that talks about a lot of important topics in personal finance.

These events are annual, so if people cannot go this year, there is always next year. Plus, these events are for everyone, because as Malachi Robinson, the Associate Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs says, “The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is not just for LGBTQ+ students, it’s for everyone, to come and get engaged, to learn about our programs, and to just find your space here on campus.”

Make sure to follow the LGBTQ+ Resource Center on Instagram @lgbtqplusuml to stay up to date on all their events, and follow Gigi Glam on Instagram @thegigiglam to see more of what she does.

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