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Rolling Cones brighten days on South Campus

(Photo courtesy of: Rolling Cones) “The ice cream truck frequently seen on South Campus.”

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

Now that the weather is consistently nicer, for the most part South Campus has been blessed by the presence of the Rolling Cones ice cream truck. If you’re anything like me, you have already had a few of his treats and it has severely helped my mood. Ice cream on the corner of the street means the end of the year is near and summer is on the horizon.

I am personally fond of a Shirley Temple float on a warm day, especially when I can sit outside on the quad and bask in the warm air. The first time I got this treat was when I had convinced my professor to hold class outside and she encouraged us to make the most of it.

Not only does Rolling Cones serve yummy treats, they are also pretty affordable for college kids. The price of a drink is roughly the price of a Starbucks coffee or a boba tea at one of the several shops in Lowell. I think with the warmer weather ice cream is the superior treat as spring finally rolls around.

Ice cream being the only food truck on South Campus is a little disappointing while North gets Egyptian Grill. I have never been to Egyptian Grill as I avoid going to North Campus when I can, but I have only heard rave reviews. South Campus has the perfect setup for food trucks to just set up on the curb, and I think we should have more of them.

If they brought in more food trucks, more people would be encouraged to sit outside when it’s nice out. Affordable food will spur college students to do a lot, but it can also get us to socialize. The South Campus quad is the place to be when the weather is nice, and more food options will fill the grass even more.

I also think a food truck event set up on the field on South out by the softball field would bring in a lot of people. Maybe something that is ticketed and then students can go and try different items from all the food trucks instead of students having to buy an item from each truck. There are so many restaurants in Lowell with food trucks that I think it could be a way to share the flavors of the city while giving students affordable access to non-dining-hall food.

Overall, I think both campuses should have more access to affordable and tasty foods; the dining hall gets tiring after a few months. Plus bringing in food trucks would cause more foot traffic to the campuses and get people at other colleges to talk, and imagine how good it would look to prospective students on tours. Overall, I love the ice cream truck and wish there were more options for food truck food on South Campus.

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