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“Fellow Travelers” brings LGBTQ+ representation to screens

“Fellow Travelers” brings LGBTQ+ representation to screens

(Photo courtesy of: People) “‘Fellow Travelers’ explores a relationship between two men at a time when such relationships were forbidden.” Sohini Nath Connector Staff The Showtime network is not new to creating political shows with actors in heavy prosthetic make-up, dressed as real-life historical figures, nor are they to LGBT+ centric shows. The channel has

Ticketmaster is not a master of ticketing

(Photo courtesy of NPR) “Music fans against Ticketmaster rallying outside the U.S. Capitol during the Ticketmaster Senate hearing.” Sohini Nath Connector Staff Ticketmaster has been the (negative) talk of the town recently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, consummate singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released five studio albums, two of which were re-recorded. Swift also announced her Eras Tour

“Avatar” flies back into theaters ahead of hotly-anticipated sequel

(Photo courtesy of IMDB) James Cameron’s 2009 spectacle is out again in theaters everywhere. Sohini Nath Connector Staff 2009’s hit blockbuster “Avatar,” directed by James Cameron, is finally getting a sequel after almost fifteen years, called “Avatar: The Way of Water.” The release date was originally set for December 2021, but due to the ongoing

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” is a Tour de Force

(Photo courtesy of NBC News) “”Renaissance” is the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s “Lemonade.”” Sohini Nath Connector Staff The definition of Renaissance is “the revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models.” In her latest album, which itself is titled “Renaissance,” Beyoncé does a fantastic job in executing this revival, displayed across 16