Yik Yak Attack: week two

Henry St. Pierre
Connector Staff

The Connector had the privilege of publishing the treasures of “Yik Yak” in last week’s newspaper. Well, guess what? We’re back to print even more Yaks for this week! Now that most of the UMass Lowell populace should have a familiarity with this addicting application, let’s jump right into some of this week’s best Yaks.
(Disclaimer: “Yik Yak” is an anonymous app where people post sometimes disturbing things, with disturbing spelling and grammar to go along with it. The posts are published just as they appeared on the app, minus, of course, any profanity). Let us begin.


“So i did meet one cool/attractive girl but it turns out i was going to the wrong class. Life of an engineering major”

“It is unrealistic to expect a guy to be 100% accurate while peeing. Some drops just weren’t meant to make it”

“Plot twist: Professors use Yak”

“College students be crossing the road like “hit me, I got tuition to pay”

“Never trust a kid who still wears his class ring”

“Not sure how to break the news to my dog that he is adopted”

“If you don’t cross the street completely unaware of your surroundings or with regard for motor vehicles, are you really a UMass Lowell student?”

“Saw some construction workers laughing on the bridge today. Now I know what they’re really building; a friendship”

“Why is it that I only notice how dirty my room is right before I want to start my homework?”

“A girl walked past my dorm today, so i guess you could say things are getting pretty serious”

“shout out to the guy that just whipped out his razor flip phone, i didn’t even know those still existed… you do you man”

“*At wedding in 8 years* I remember when I first met her. We were both on the shuttle to south and I yakked that she could sit on my face any time, and it was history from there.”

“University of Construction, Massachusetts”

“Why, how and when did scooters become a thing again?”

“When you do something embarrassing in public and check yik yak to if someone posted anything about it”
Check out the Yik Yak section in the Connector after you go on Yik Yak!


If you see your Yak here, congratulations on your publication. If you don’t – see you next week.

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