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Students speak up after Facebook whistleblower sparks debate on mental health

Students speak up after Facebook whistleblower sparks debate on mental health

Courtesy of BBC (Facebook and Instagram have been under scrutiny after anonymous surveys by UMass Lowell students reported mixed feelings on social media and its impact on mental health Julian Viviescas Connector Contributor In previous weeks, The Wall Street Journal and Facebook have been in intense debate over whether or not Instagram is “toxic.” A

Lowell Covid Patrol use’s social media to keep a vigilant eye out for social distance violations

(Photo courtesy of the United Nations Covid-19 Response Creative Content Hub) Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor  On September 7, 2020, multiple UMass Lowell students noticed a sudden follow request on Instagram from a private account called @lowellcovidpatrol with no name in the profile. “Giving the cold hard facts on people being inconsiderate and partying during a

University seeks to empower independent student-alumni networking with new platform

Andrew J. Sciascia Editor-in-Chief UMass Lowell faculty and staff have had their noses to the grindstone recently in an attempt to gin up excitement for the university’s 125th anniversary among more than 18,000 active students and an expansive pool of alumni. With the anniversary year now well under way, the university took another major step

Becoming a nomad in the digital age

It may be easier for college students to become digital nomads than they may think. (Courtesy of YouVisit) Dorian Taylor Connector Staff Many aspiring travelers become discouraged from traveling because they feel like they are too busy or do not have enough money. For aspiring travelers in a point in their lives where they are

Yik Yak Attack: week two

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff The Connector had the privilege of publishing the treasures of “Yik Yak” in last week’s newspaper. Well, guess what? We’re back to print even more Yaks for this week! Now that most of the UMass Lowell populace should have a familiarity with this addicting application, let’s jump right into some

What’s everybody Yakkin’ about? Social media app takes college campuses by storm

Henry St. Pierre Connector Contributor   The app “Yik Yak” has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. College campuses across the nation are being impacted by the free-to-download app, which is very simply an anonymous user’s playground. Of course, our very own UMass Lowell is not estranged to the App Store, so plenty of River Hawks