What’s everybody Yakkin’ about? Social media app takes college campuses by storm

Henry St. Pierre
Connector Contributor


The app “Yik Yak” has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. College campuses across the nation are being impacted by the free-to-download app, which is very simply an anonymous user’s playground. Of course, our very own UMass Lowell is not estranged to the App Store, so plenty of River Hawks have been posting. Everything posted is without a username, so everything posted is sure to be fun. If a “yak” is entertaining in any way, it will likely receive an “upvote,” similar in nature to a “favorite” on Twitter or a “like” on Facebook. If it’s a weird “Yak” that makes you want to leave the app for a while, chances are it’ll receive a few “downvotes.” In my opinion, every post on “Yik Yak” is entertaining, and reading through all of them makes it seem like everybody’s part of one big, sometimes creepy, family.

The app is chaotic, it’s fast, it’s inappropriate, and it’s extremely inappropriate. I have had the amusing duty of amassing a number of “Yaks” and laying out some good ones for the Connector-reading populace to enjoy. Here’s the list. (As a side note, extremely inappropriate posts can be hilarious, but cannot exactly be published – censorship is used when needed. Also, spelling and grammatical errors in the posts are included.)


“Assert your dominance over your roommates by referring to them only by their student ID numbers”


“Yo freshman, is the chocolate milk at the Fox dining hall still bomb as f***? S**t used to make me j*** myself last year #Chronic”


“The only thing keeping me from gaining weight from Taco Bell is the stairs in fox hall #everydayisalegday”


“That awkward moment when you’re telling a story and realize no one is listening, so you slowly fade away and pretend you never said anything”


“#UnitedInBlue we will bring Heelys back and make them popular”


“Haven’t had a solid poop since I moved in…four years ago”


“Getting into bed is like training for the high jump”


“instead of the riverhawks our mascot should be the construction workers”
“Why is my professor wearing socks with sandals?”


“If you look at the shoe of the guy s***ting next to you then you can find them later and call them your poo buddy”


“I’m sitting in the library. A beautiful girl comes right up to me and asks if anyone is sitting in the chair next to me. I said no. She took the chair and walked away. Not my day I guess”

“Tell me I’m not the only one who has a mini heart attack every time I lean back in one of these rocking desk chairs”


“Hey eduroam I know my password so go f*** yourself”


“girls wear yoga pants and don’t even do yoga so why do they get mad at me when i touch their butt and i’m not even their boyfriend?”


Alas, there were plenty of other worthy candidates but the world of the press is a harsh one, and only so many make the cut. Some worthy candidates weren’t exactly fit for the school newspaper. If you see your post in the list, congratulations! If you wish you had seen yours in the list, better luck next time.

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