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Mike Paige
Connector Editor

Lowell is a locale of many great eateries, ranging from great Chinese food to delectable donuts, but it is the simple slice of pizza that is in the spotlight today. The mighty slice of pepperoni was critiqued on five basic criteria: flavor of sauce, quality of crust, quality of topping, grease-to-cheese ratio and bang for your buck.

Honorable Mentions

Brothers Pizza, Big Guys Pizza

Though service in both places was quite excellent, the food couldn’t quite match up to the smiles and small talk. The pizza was overcooked, creating a chewy layer of cheese that creates a blanket that pulls off the slice and slaps you in the chin.

5. Broadway Pizza

Broadway’s slice starts with a respectable crust that holds a generic tomato marinara. The crust is slightly chewy but crisp through and through. The cheese, though, was great, not drowning in grease and was just melted enough to keep it stringy while not creating a solid piece. The pepperoni was spicy enough to be noticeable, but was nothing too spectacular. As for price, Broadway is a bit on the pricier side for the quality of pizza you’re getting. Crust: 7/10 Sauce: 6/10 Cheese/Grease: 8/10 Topping: 7/10 Bang for Buck: 6/10 Total: 6.8/10

4. Lowell House of Pizza

Much like Broadway, House of Pizza has an above average pie but falls in certain areas. Toppings were under the cheese, causing the grease to be mixed with the sauce, causing the marinara to become diluted and lose flavor. Where House of Pizza rises above Broadway is in price, making an almost a half a dollar difference when it comes to a small pie. House of Pizza is for students looking for a good slice at a good price. Crust: 6/10 Sauce: 6/10 Cheese/Grease: 7/10 Topping: 7/10 Bang for Buck: 8/10 Total: 6.8/10

3. Suppa’s

Suppa’s has been the go to spot for east campus students for years, with its massive “fat” subs and larger than life slices. The crust is just chewy enough that it allows to all the concentrated flavor near the end of a slice to mingle but no one flavor overpowers the other. Though the pie may be lacking in sauce volume, the amount that’s there is flavorful and fresh. The pepperoni was present on the pie and added a nice crunch but was slightly overpowered when incorporated with all other parts of the pie. Crust: 9/10 Sauce: 8/10 Cheese/Grease: 8/10 Topping: 7/10 Bang for Buck: 8/10 Total: 8/10

2. Espresso Pizza

Nestled on Central Street in downtown Lowell, Espresso may not be in the eye of the common student, but is a great spot within easy walking distance; perfect for a great pie or two to share with friends. The ultra-thin New York styled pizza is bursting with flavor from its robust and herby marinara sauce. Though the slice has a fair amount of grease which cause the slice to become limp at the end, it doesn’t hinder the quality of the cheese not the flavor of the pie. The only thing lacking on the pizza was the pepperoni, though not bad, it didn’t stand out from the completion either. Overall, a great place for a cheap, yet delicious slice of pizza and to hang with friends. Crust: 8/10 Sauce: 10/10 Cheese/Grease: 8/10 Topping: 6/10 Bang for Buck: 9/10 Total: 8.2/10

1. Angelina’s Pizza

To top off the list is a south campus icon. Angelina’s is to South Campus as Suppa’s is to North, when it comes to pizza that is. The crust has a flakier and crispier style, rather than the doughier and more filling styled crust seen at Suppa’s. The pies don’t always keep their shape, though, due to the amount of grease on the pie, but what the slice lacks in rigidity, it more than makes up with its cohesive flavors. There’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about Angelina’s pizza that makes it so addicting and always makes you want to grab an extra slice, even though your waistline is begging you to stop. For a moderate price that reflects the quality of pizza you receive, Angelina’s just squeaks out the top spot in the list. Crust: 10/10 Sauce: 8/10 Cheese/Grease: 7/10 Topping: 8/10 Bang for Buck: 8/10 Total: 8.2/10

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