Fall Fever: The big fashion trends for the season

Christina Laderoute
Connector Contributor

Fall weather is finally upon us: the trees have changed, the crisp air and beautiful breezes are gracing us with their presence. Naturally, with the cooler weather comes a change in fashion. Fashion seems to be a pertinent component of the fall. Scarves, knee high boots, and cute jackets. If only it was fall every day. This year’s Fashion Week, held in New York, publicized the newest trends for fall 2016 fashion. Velvet dresses, bomber jackets, single sleeve shirts, florals, statement fur, color schemes, and plaid overcoats. These are just some of what we can expect to see in stores and online this season.

This year’s runway was full of seasonally confusing outfits. Light, flowing, bohemian dresses, shoulder-less shirts, and… Florals? New York Fashion Week 2016 changed everything you thought you knew about fashion.

The bohemian, renaissance style seems to be making a comeback as well. Apparently it was not just a summer thing. With long flowing sleeves that are tight on the upper arm and flared on the lower arm, these comfortable shirt and dress styles are all the rage.

A recurrent theme throughout every collection was off-the-shoulder tops. One might not think to wear something with this style in the fall, but many popular designers are changing it up. Some of the first designs that come to mind when thinking about fall are tall riding boots, scarves, sweaters and anything knitted. All of those thoughts are now totally dismissed and redone.

Statement fur has made quite a few appearances this year as well. A large fur coat can be worn over a dress or tights. The coats range from short to long and from plain to patterned and multicolored. They also differ between real and faux.

Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Elie Saab, Fendi and Zac Posen have all incorporated a certain scheme of colors into their collections. Some of these colors are Airy Blue (a sky blue), Sharkskin (a medium gray), Dusty Cedar (a light maroon/purple shade), and Bodacious (a bright fuchsia). Each designers’ works had different styles and different vibes but they all beautifully fit the bar.

One of the colors that are “in” this fall is “sharkskin.” It is a mix between charcoal gray and light gray, quite like a shark. Designers such as Thom Browne and Ralph Lauren have been using this color for quite some time now. Only recently have other designers started incorporating it in their collections. The whole “gray hair” trend most definitely played a role in the rising popularity of this strong color.

Although there have been new trends for this fall, it is unlikely that everyday people will sport them. Oversized sleeves, light flowing dresses and really big statement fur does not seem to be on the table for many people’s everyday outfits. Especially when it comes to college students on a strict budget. Honestly, the typical fall fashion seems to do just fine every season. Who says we need a high end fashion show to tell us how to dress this season? If you are comfortable in your sweat pants and infinity knit scarf, go for it. Make your own style, be your own designer and do not dress to fit in. Dress for yourself.

Christina Laderoute

Music writer/photographer. VP of marketing for UML's student-run record label, Seven Six Records.

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