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Club spotlight: UMass Lowell Management Society

Club spotlight: UMass Lowell Management Society

(Photo courtesy of: UMass Lowell Management Society. “The business building on North Campus is home to this and many other clubs.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Staff Jonah Burnham, Vice-President of the Management Society, shared how his club gets together to discuss management ideas to help students succeed in their personal, professional, and academic lives. They learn

South Campus spices up their dining experience.

(Photo courtesy of Eric Shultz) “Both dining halls feature the new spice racks.” Andrew Livsey Connector Contributor Students who have been to the South Campus dining hall recently may have noticed a fun new feature that has been implemented this semester. The South Campus dining hall now features a spice rack where students can add

Once again, UMass Lowell has to listen to hate on Sin Awareness Day

(Photo courtesy of: The Daily Campus) “The preachers travel from campus to campus harassing students.” Eric Shultz Connector Staff If UMass Lowell had a rogues’ gallery, then the preachers who come to campus on Sin Awareness Day would undoubtedly make the list. If you spend any amount of time on South Campus during the day,

UMass Lowell meal swipe donation program falls short

(Photo courtesy of Bergmeyer) “University Dining Commons is the main dining hall on East Campus.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor Last week, students at UMass Lowell received an email looking for students willing to take part in a meal swipe donation program. Claiming that 37% of the student population often goes undernourished, this program looks for

How UMass Lowell’s student centers are addressing the mitigation of COVID-19

(Photo courtesy UMass Lowell) To keep on-campus residents and staff safe, student centers at the university have adopted guidelines and protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Brianna Yuen Connector Contributor To keep on-campus residents and staff safe, student centers at the university have adopted guidelines and protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The

DIY last-minute Halloween costumes

Christina Laderoute Connector Editor It is that time of the semester to dress up and have some fun. Forgetting to acquire a costume can be stressful, but not the end of the world with this do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to last-minute costumes. One option is to dress as a potato. This effortless look only requires a

Campus Living Series: Off-campus tradeoffs

Students living off-campus can rent houses or apartment building units. (Matt Johnson/Connector) Veronica Cashman Connector Contributor Despite the variety of different-styled residence halls UMass Lowell has to offer, residing in an off-campus apartment is a leading alternative to on-campus options. Completely disassociated with university ownership, apartments are becoming a popular option for many students, mainly

Campus Living Series: Suite life of Donohue residents

Donohue Hall accommodates eight, six, and four person arrangements in close proximity to Fox Dining Commons. (Courtesy of Flickr) Andre Ragel Connector Staff There are many residence halls that students can select from around campus, and surely there is one for just about everyone. One of these buildings named Donahue Hall continues to be a