Lowell Beer Works revamps image after 25 years

Lowell Beer Works, located at 203 Cabot Street in Lowell, has outdoor seating and a social atmosphere. (Marilyn Saha/Connector)

Marilyn Saha
Connector Staff

Lowell Beer Works, established in 1992, has seen many faces walk in through their doors ranging from students and Lowell residents to tourists. The restaurant is known for its craft beers and good food.

Beer Works, located a quick 10-minute walk from East Campus at 203 Cabot Street, has revamped their menu in honor of the company’s 25th anniversary.

Nicole Murphy, the director of marketing at Beer Works, said: “We are in the process of a re-branding, which will officially launch beginning of April. In that process, we are completely changing the menu, but in a phased approach: taking items off and replacing them with new items. By April we will have a new final menu that will have signature items reimagined and also new items.”

Some of these new items include Turmeric Wings, Lager Battered Cheese Curds and Sriracha Brussel Sprouts.
An early customer favorite is the Lager Battered Cheese Curds, also highly recommended by Murphy.

Nathan Weidman, a UMass Lowell student, said that his favorite item from the old menu was one of the appetizers.

“I forget the name of the item but it resembled a soft pretzel dough ball,” he said. “It came with this really good dipping sauce. I also had the Charlestown burger and it was delicious as well.”

Nicholas Schickle, another UMass Lowell student, said that his favorite thing about Beer Works is its proximity to campus.
“It’s pretty close to campus and the service was really good when I went. A downside is that it’s a little expensive. It won’t break your wallet, but it is definitely not cheap,” he said.

Murphy also said: “We are a craft brewery that serves great food. We are re-doing everything, from logo, menu, uniforms, interior renovations, the whole bit. We encourage our food and atmosphere to be a social environment, sharable items with long communal tables. Our food represents industrious, as it is simple yet hardy and delicious. Many of our beers are original, for example the Blue (has real blueberries in it).”

“This project will not happen overnight. However, we are steadfastly working hard to create a refreshed face to Beer Works that we are proud to show to our guests, to show that we are committed to another 25 years, and we’re here to stay.”

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