Campus Living Series: Sheehy offers various living learning communities

Sheehy Hall houses the Living Allegro, Creative Artists and MediaMakers Living Learning Communities. (Courtesy of YouVisit)

Andre Ragel
Connector Staff

Located in the heart of South Campus, Sheehy Hall offers a friendly atmosphere within a relaxed environment close to the Merrimack River.

Opened in 1989, this residence hall is named after former Lowell City Manager and Massachusetts State Representative Paul J. Sheehy. Sheehy was a 1958 alumnus of Lowell State College who played a key role in the formation of the University of Lowell in 1975. Today, around 270 co-ed students call Sheehy Hall their second home, including those who live in the Living Allegro, Creative Artists and MediaMakers Living Learning Communities (LLC).

Rooms in Sheehy Hall come in configurations of four, six and eight-person suites. Every room comes with a standard set of furniture that includes a bed, mattress, wardrobe, dresser and a rolling chair. The spacious common area also includes a sink, two bathrooms and showers. However, unlike University or Riverview Suites, there is no air-conditioning available at Sheehy. There is a ping-pong table, pool table and TV in The Link, a large common area shared with Concordia Hall located in the lobby.

The price of living at Sheehy is about average at $9,833 per year, similar to what a student would pay living at a suite in Concordia Hall but not as expensive as living in University Suites.

Residents of Sheehy Hall park in several lots around South such as the South Campus Garage and the Broadway/Riverview lot. In addition, Sheehy is served by the Red, Blue and Yellow campus shuttles that can be picked up infront of O’Leary Library, a short stroll away.

In addition, its proximity to the McGauvran Student Union, South Campus Dining Commons and O’Leary Library make Sheehy Hall an ideal residence hall for students like Johanna Danas who is happy about the short stroll she has to all her classes compared to the walk that residents of Riverview Suites have to do every day.

During her time at Lowell High School, Danas was heavily involved in musical groups such as show choir, Sound Impressions and Soundsations. Although she ended up picking English for a major, she still enjoys channeling her inner musical self which is fostered by living at Sheehy.

“It’s nice being in a musical environment even though I’m not a music major. I really like all the people; a lot come over from Concordia to Sheehy,” said Danas.

There are not many complaints students had about Sheehy, a good sign of reliability that many students look for when choosing a residence hall.

“We didn’t really have an AC. The first month was really hot. I don’t get hot really easily,” said Danas.

“I wish the size of the room was slightly bigger. I feel constantly cramped even with minimal stuff. There’s a lot of storage available but I feel like I need more,” said freshman music studies major Rachel Sullivan.

Sullivan had an issue during the beginning of the year with her rooming assignment, and she credits the friendly staff of Sheehy Hall in welcoming her and making her move easy.

“The RAs and staff of Sheehy are really nice and supportive of me moving out and transferring into a new suite,” said Sullivan

For students looking for a laidback suite-style living accommodation with sweeping views of the Merrimack River, then Sheehy Hall is something to strongly consider.

“It’s a good price, great location. It’s my favorite. I will absolutely live here next year,” said Danas.

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