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Students want covered bike racks

Students want covered bike racks

(Photo courtesy of: Zachary Latta-Guiliana) “The bike rack in front of Riverview Suites on south campus.” Zachary Latta-Guiliana Connector Contributor Despite UML’s aims, there are still some areas on campus that sorely need some biking upgrades. UML[NT1]  has been trying to increase its biking population for over a decade, with Freewheelers debuting in 2011, and

Current laundry situation in Sheehy Hall is disastrous

(Photo courtesy of YouVisit) “Sheehy and Concordia Halls are connected, and serve as two of the three resident halls on South Campus.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor As of this semester, UMass Lowell’s laundry machines were made free for residential students. This did raise the cost of housing, but made laundry machines more accessible for many

Campus Living Series: Sheehy offers various living learning communities

Sheehy Hall houses the Living Allegro, Creative Artists and MediaMakers Living Learning Communities. (Courtesy of YouVisit) Andre Ragel Connector Staff Located in the heart of South Campus, Sheehy Hall offers a friendly atmosphere within a relaxed environment close to the Merrimack River. Opened in 1989, this residence hall is named after former Lowell City Manager

Campus Living Series: Honors Living in University Suites

University Suites is a $54 million building opened in 2013 and located on East campus at 327 Aiken Street. (Andre Ragel/Connector) Andre Ragel Connector Staff As UMass Lowell’s primary honors housing located on east campus, University Suites offers a premium living experience for high-achieving students. Opened in 2013, this $54 million residence hall serves as

Campus Living Series: The twin dormitories

Andre Ragel Connector Staff Standing outside the steps of Fox Hall, it is easy to notice the similarities between the two buildings across the street. Almost like mirror images, Leitch and Bourgeois Halls provide students with traditional accommodations that foster a friendly and studious community among its residents. Each room in both Leitch and Bourgeois

Campus Living Series: Is Fox Hall the place to be?

Fox Hall is located on UMass Lowell’s East Campus. (Courtesy of the University of Massachusetts) Hannah Manning Connector Editor Since the 2016-2017 school year, Fox Hall has gotten quite the makeover. Construction on two new elevators finished over the summer while the entrances to both the residence and dining halls have also been altered to