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Wilderado’s band members include Maxim Helmerich, Tyler Wimpee, Colton Dearing and Justin Kila. (Photo courtesy of Christina Laderoute.)

Christina Laderoute
Connector Staff

Just four dudes. That’s how the Los Angeles based band, Wilderado, describe themselves. Named after a small town in Texas, Wilderado radiates an eclectic energy, and they have got the sound to hold up to their presence.

Classifying themselves as alternative rock and roll and having been compared to Kings of Leon by Sound of Boston, Wilderado’s music definitely fits the bill to be an up and coming group to watch.

“Two of us grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and two grew up in Texas, and we all met up in [Los Angeles]. I was in love with their two voices and then the drummer came and we wanted to start a band that was about singing songs together and not so much being excellent musicians all playing the same tune, not different parts,” said front-man Maxim Helmerich.

Originally named Bird Dog (changed due to copyright reasons), the alternative rock-and-roll band has spent the last two years touring, “Pretty relentlessly,” said Helmerich.

Having toured with artists such as Ryan Bingham, The Wild Feathers, James Town Revival, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, Blossoms and now currently on tour with Sure Sure, Wilderado certainly has a lot of experience under their belt.

Although only being active for two years, the Oklahoma and Texas natives just recently played at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

Their newly released exclusive preview, “Favors,” features their new single, “Sorrow.” With coffee-house vibes, the melody tends to hang around in the back of one’s head, leaving them wanting more. The EP does not disappoint. It includes three other mystifyingly beautiful tunes called “You Don’t Love Me,” “Siren,” and the title track “Favors.”

If he could duet with anyone dead or alive, Helmerich instantly stated “Miley Cyrus.” His reasoning? “I love her voice, and I think our voices would sound good together. I love the way she sings and the amount of twang in her voice and how low and round it is.” Let us cross our fingers and keep an eye out for a Wilderado and Miley Cyrus collaboration in 2019.

Speaking of new music, Wilderado expects to have a new release in the Spring of 2019. They do not know exactly what it will be, only that there will be new music coming out.

People should stay tuned, keep their ears peeled and go listen to Wilderado’s new EP, “Favors,” on Spotify.

Christina Laderoute

Music writer/photographer. VP of marketing for UML's student-run record label, Seven Six Records.

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