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UMass Lowell Graphic Design students tackling social issues

The students in Professor Karen Roehr’s Graphic Design I and Graphic Design III classes were tasked with creating posters that raise awareness for a myriad of social issues.

Her Graphic Design 1 students’ project was a single poster on one of 3 topics:

1. Opioid Addiction

2. Social Media Addiction

3. Mental Health/Illness

Her Graphic Design 3 students’ project was to create a series of 3 posters that must work separately and when hung together. Choice of 3 topics:

1. Homelessness

2. Climate Change

3. Immigration/Refugees


Alex Twyman

Billy Franda

Caroline Foster

Elias Awad

Felicia Bornstein

Lesa Tran

Michelle Chan

Quin Sullivan

Erik Swider

Vita Mironova

Brett Dattilo

Hannah Kieffer

Dylan Crocker

Hayley Andrade

Sarachedra May

Ashley Rosario Depres

Maddie Grover

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