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Painting a picture of Lowell’s art community during a Pandemic

Painting a picture of Lowell’s art community during a Pandemic

(Photo courtesy of Forbes) Art galleries around the world have had to accommodate and adapt to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines/protocols Evelis Cruz Connector Contributer During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lowell’s art community has sustained significant impacts while undergoing complicated changes. Members of the art community said that they have confronted innumerable challenges. The state forced many

UMass Lowell’s Art Student Union hosts a postcard event focused on Black lives matter movement

(Photo courtesy of Photo showcases protesters in face masks walking down a street holding a Black lives matter flag Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor The UML Art Student Union is hosting a postcard event reflecting the times we currently live in through a non-profit “mail in art order.” President of the Art Student Union, Brooke

404 Festival comes to UMass Lowell

Alecia Connolly and Conor Dawson The 404 Festival is an international exhibit celebrating a fusion of technology and art. The original festival was held 16 years ago in Argentina and was created by artist and musician Gina Valenti. This is the first  year the festival has come to the United States. The festival at UMass

The Azores: Nine Islands, Nine Photographs exhibit

Owen Johnson Connector Editor From March 6 until April 17, 2019, the Saab Center for Portuguese Studies will be presenting the art exhibit The Azores: Nine Islands, Nine Photographs. This will not only be the first time that this exhibit is shown in the United States, but the first time that it will be shown

UMass Lowell Graphic Design students tackling social issues

The students in Professor Karen Roehr’s Graphic Design I and Graphic Design III classes were tasked with creating posters that raise awareness for a myriad of social issues. Her Graphic Design 1 students’ project was a single poster on one of 3 topics: 1. Opioid Addiction 2. Social Media Addiction 3. Mental Health/Illness Her Graphic

Self-therapy with a paintbrush and a vibrant mind: The story of Talia McNamara

Above is one of McNamara’s works of art. (Serena Arora/Connector) Serena Arora Connector Contributor The angst of living as a creative person can be self-crippling. The life of always overthinking, overanalyzing, feeling different from those around them. However, Talia McNamara has a gift that comes with being an ingenious being. She has the DaVinci code

“Young Artist”: Acclaimed artist visits Lowell

Esther Robinson teaches independent filmmakers how to monetize their work. (Courtesy of Film Maker Magazine) Nisa Holley Connector Contributor What was once a brisk, empty lecture hall immediately emerged into a warm, welcoming environment. Esther Robinson brought a sprightful joy to the room. Robinson immediately took an interest in the audience; she was intrigued by

Arts League of Lowell opens show ‘It’s About Time’

The Arts League of Lowell will be holding four other art galleries this year. (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Staff Time is an abstract concept that is paramount in the everyday lives of human beings. In order to explore this concept, The Arts League of Lowell has opened a new gallery in the All Arts

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