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Student Government election pushed back few days due to switch to remote campus

(Lowell Sun/Julia Malakie) Current SGA President David Morton (front center), other students, and the UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney (top left) speak with students at University Crossing.

Brigid Archibald 
Connector Editor

Due to UMass Lowell’s switch to remote learning to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the Student Government Association (SGA) has pushed back the election to April 16 and 17.

“We have pushed out the timeline just a little bit to allow for a little more preparation for everyone. For both us as the ones running the election, as well as people who are going to be in the election, but it is still happening as planned,” said David Morton, the SGA president.

As with previous years, the ballot will be sent to students electronically, using the link. Morton said students will be voting on a new SGA president and vice president. Also, on the ballot is the student trustee position, whose job will be to represent the interest of UMass Lowell Students at Board of Trustee meetings.

All candidates will be posted on the SGA’s Engage page sometime after April 10, after they have finished the vetting process.

“We may post something on our social media directing people to that location,” said Morton, “but that will be up to the [Public Relations and Events Committee] when we get to that time.”

Also on the ballot will be the annual teacher awards, allowing students to recognize their professors’ efforts.

“You will be voting for teachers you believe should get an award, whether they impacted you positively or just did something to make your experience better,” said Morton.

MassPIRG’s fee is not up for renewal this year, and Morton said there will be no special questions on the ballot this year.

For students who want to get involved or run in the election, they can find the election packet on the SGA’s engage page. Morton encourages anyone who might be interested in running to do so, whether they have participated in the SGA before or not.

“It is all filled out online and it is all submitted online. They do not have to come in for any purpose, so if they wanted to join still, they could, and we absolutely encourage them to,” said Morton. “Every seat is open, so we have openings on every college on campus.”

The packets were posted to the SGA’s Engage page on March 25 and should be turned in by April 10.

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