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‘Sing’ is nothing to sing about

‘Sing’ is nothing to sing about

“Sing” features 65 pop songs in it, which the rights of costed 15 percent of the movie’s 75 million dollar budget (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures). Owen Johnson Conector Editor The 2016 movie “Sing” was a production of the studio Illumination Animation, the same studio that is responsible for films such as “Minions” and “The

‘Death Wish’ is a deadly boring remake

The “Death Wish” remake started development in 2006, and Sylvester Stallone was initially considered to direct and star in the film. (Photo courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Owen Johnson Connector Editor The original 1974 film “Death Wish” starring Charles Bronson was a movie that could have been remade. It was a lackluster and dull movie that lacked

Tekashi69: The new wave of New York rap

Tekashi69 is also known by the stage name 6ix9ine. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Skelton Connector Editor Tekashi69 has been making headlines in the hip-hop community ever since video surfaced of his debut single, “Gummo.” The rainbow haired artist is hard not to notice, with a hostile attitude and coarse voice. No stranger to controversy, the

‘Atlanta’ season two premiere: ‘Robbin’ season’ has begun

“Atlanta” has won two Golden Globes for best television series-musical or comedy and for best television actor for Donald Glover’s performance. (Photo courtesy of 20th Television) Andrew Haverty Connector Staff A kid walks into his friend’s house. He sits down and begins watching his friend play “FIFA.” They chat for a bit and his friend

Top five wishes for ‘Smash Bros.’ game on the Switch

The prospect of a “Super Smash Bros.” game for Switch was debunked upon to system’s release in March 2017. (Photo courtesy of Nintendo) Shane Foley Connector Staff Recently, many fans have grown excited over the many rumors of the Super Smash Bros. series coming to the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but

Car Seat Headrest reexamines and refines their old classic

Car Seat Headrest has released 12 albums on Bandcamp. (Photo courtesy of Matador Records) Patrick Connell Connector Staff Will Toledo, known for his musical project Car Seat Headrest, started producing and releasing albums on the music hosting website Bandcamp while he was in high school a decade ago. After a few albums of odd, less-than-fully-developed

‘Game Night’: One deadly game of Risk

“Game Night” was originally set for release on Feb. 14 before getting pushed back to March 2 and then forward to Feb. 23. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Andrew Haverty Connector Contributor Who does not love a good game night? Break out the old Scrabble board, some markers for Pictionary, maybe even some old

‘Annihilation’ is annihilated by its execution

“Annihilation” is based on the novel of the same name by author Jeff Vandermeer. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor “Annihilation” was directed by Alex Garland, the director of the 2015 science fiction thriller “Ex Machina.” “Ex Machina” had an interesting science fiction premise with lackluster execution, and “Annihilation” follows this trend.

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