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An online multiplayer option is slated for release as a pubic beta in Nov. of 2018. (Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games) Aaron Robinson Connector Editor “Red Dead Redemption 2” was released on Oct. 26 to huge fanfare, as more than seven years had passed since the release of the universally acclaimed “Red Dead Redemption.” This

Charles Hayden Planetarium stages virtual music series

Ben Wharram Connector Contributor On any given night, the Charles Hayden Planetarium at Boston’s Museum of Science is likely playing host to a space exploration through the Milky Way or a story of constellations and how the world came to be. But on Friday, Nov. 2, the unique theater will set the stage for two

Check out Wilderado as a favor to them

Wilderado’s band members include Maxim Helmerich, Tyler Wimpee, Colton Dearing and Justin Kila. (Photo courtesy of Christina Laderoute.) Christina Laderoute Connector Staff Just four dudes. That’s how the Los Angeles based band, Wilderado, describe themselves. Named after a small town in Texas, Wilderado radiates an eclectic energy, and they have got the sound to hold

“First Man” is only second rate

“First Man” has made $60 million at the box office. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor What is needed to make a great historical drama is either an interesting figure or a fascinating event to focus on. Neil Armstrong is that figure and the space race to the moon is that event,

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is crazy underrated

Season four of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will be the last season of the show. (Photo courtesy of CBS Television Distribution) Troy Lafond Connector Staff On October 12, 2015, The CW premiered the first episode of their new romantic musical comedy, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” By the end of its first season, it was the least watched show not only

‘Manifest’ review: It is just plane good

The first season will have sixteen episodes. (Photo courtesy of Compari Entertainment) Taylor Carito Connector Editor Do people who fear of flying ever think about the possibility of having really bad turbulence and landing five years after they took off? Well, maybe they will start thanks to “Manifest.” An interesting premise combining planes, trains and

Micro transactions…why are they a thing? Should they be a thing?

(Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts) Shane Foley Connector Staff Anybody who has been on Reddit recently might be aware of the recent controversy regarding the micro transactions in “Star Wars: Battlefront 2.” Electronic Arts (EA) has even gone so far as to retract micro transactions from the game before launch to try and make amends

Watching ‘Coco’ should be the new Thanksgiving tradition

(Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Taylor Dorian Connector Staff “Coco” is a movie that every family should see together. Not only does this movie provide the perspective of a culture outside of the U.S., but it reminds us how valuable family is. “Coco” tells the story of Miguel, a young Mexican musician

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