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Early Music Concert offers window into medieval culture

Hannah Manning Connector Editor Using modern instruments, the TellTale Crossing Ensemble gave UMass Lowell students as well as the general public a chance to be transported into Medieval Portugal with their arrangements of troubadour love songs. Held in Durgin Concert Hall on Thursday, March 2 at 8 p.m., the concert featured renditions of 12 love

Future, please don’t do this again

Future has released six studio albums since he began his musical career back in 2012. (Courtesy of A1 Recordings) Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff Nayvadius Wilburn, better known as Future, is an Atlanta, Ga. rapper, trap star, auto-tune crooner and polarizing figure – not only in modern rap, but also, in modern music. Some people

Hamilton Leithauser brings sold out show to Cambridge

Hamilton Leithauser has released three studio albums since he began his solo career in 2014. Prior to that, Leithauser was the lead vocalist of indie rock band The Walkmen ( Christopher Romano / Connector Staff ) Christopher Romano Connector Staff On the night before a New England blizzard, over 500 people showed up for a

Big Sean’s “I Decided” decided to be mediocre

“I Decided” is Big Sean’s fourth studio album since his debut in 2007. (Photo courtesy of Def Jam Recordings) Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff Detroit rapper Big Sean has been on the scene for a while and is one of the biggest names in modern rap music, but he hasn’t done a whole lot to

“The Devil Don’t Sleep” is Brantley Gilbert at his best

Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor It has been just under 3 years since Brantley Gilbert’s last album, “Just As I Am”, hit the country music scene, and one listen through “The Devil Don’t Sleep” will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Southern country/rock-and-roll star hasn’t been sleeping much either. While out on his last

‘Voyager:’ A beautiful journey into self-introspection

Hannah Manning Connector Editor It only took Fleece until their second studio album to branch out and get ambitious, and the result was dazzling. “Voyager,” released on Jan. 19, is a concept album that addresses a question that haunts many: if you could go back in time to speak to your younger self, what would

Neil Cicierega brings comedy with ‘Mouth Moods’

Connor Kennedy Connector Contributor Internet culture moves very quickly. Jokes and people that were huge one year can fade into total obscurity by the next, but there are some who maintain relevance long after their initial debut. Neil Cicierega is one such person, most well-known for his creation of the “Potter Puppet Pals” series nine

‘Culture:’ Boastful and Beautiful

“Culture” is the second album released by Migos since their formation in 2009. (Photo courtesy of 300 Entertainment) Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff Atlanta, GA rap trio Migos’ “Culture” is a proclamation of their undeniable impact on not only the current state of trap music but also of popular music in general. “Culture” is appropriately

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