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Abel Tesfaye proves star status with ‘Starboy’

Abel Tesfaye proves star status with ‘Starboy’

Following the release of “Trilogy,” Canadian pop star The Weeknd has launched into stardom. (Courtesy of Conway Recording Studios) Andrew Haverty Connector Staff There is no denying the impressive rise to fame The Weeknd has had the past few years. Most people probably do not even know that “Beauty behind the Madness” was not his first

Western Education stays true to sound on ‘Restless Dreams’

Western Education formed in 2012 while attending University of Massachusetts Lowell. (Courtesy of Western Education) Christopher Romano Connector Staff Western Education’s sophomore album, “Restless Dreams,” continues to solidify the band’s dance rock sound. The album, only seven tracks long, could be considered an EP for its short playtime. Regardless of the length of the album,

WUML’s Rock for Tots joins music with charity

All proceeds for the event go towards UTEC and The Izzy Foundation. (Photo courtesy of WUML) Kathryn Leeber Connector Staff With the holiday season around the corner, many people make the decision to donate to charities to ensure everyone has an enjoyable holiday experience. WUML, the radio station here at UMass Lowell, is hosting their

‘Abendrot’ review

The band has released three albums since their debut. 9Courtesy of Triple Crown Records) Emily Toomey  Connector Staff Orlando based emo quintet You Blew It! have recently released their third studio album “Abendrot.” “Abendrot” loosely translates to “sunset.” This album is a transition for the band according to vocalist Tanner Jones who said that the band

Game day pump-up songs

“Gold on the Ceiling” was the third song on the Black Keys album “El Camino” released in 2011. (Courtesy of Easy Eye Sound Studio) Christopher Romano Connector Staff As fun and exciting as basketball is, the crowd needs music to go along with the game. Music can help a losing team pick up their stamina or

The 2016 presidential election in music

Chris Romano Connector Staff With the 2016 election finally coming to an end, it’s time to look back on the songs it has inspired. Musicians in America have taken this election season to endorse or denounce candidates. In what seems to be the least enjoyable election in recent history, music has found a way to

Prog elements in new Avenged Sevenfold album

“The Stage” was released the day it was announced. (Courtesy of Capitol) Shane Foley Connector Editor Like their previous effort, “Hail to the King,” Avenged Sevenfold’s new album is one piece of work nobody seems to agree on. “The Stage” has been released to a myriad of different opinions. Some people think its the worst

Lady Gaga takes on glam pop with “Joanne”

This is Lady Gaga’s fifth album since her debut in 2008. (Courtesy of Interscope) Chris Romano Connector Staff It has been three years since the world has last heard a Lady Gaga album, with the exception of her duet album with Tony Bennett, “Cheek to Cheek,” released in 2014. The glam pop ruler has taken a

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