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‘Voyager:’ A beautiful journey into self-introspection

Hannah Manning Connector Editor It only took Fleece until their second studio album to branch out and get ambitious, and the result was dazzling. “Voyager,” released on Jan. 19, is a concept album that addresses a question that haunts many: if you could go back in time to speak to your younger self, what would

Neil Cicierega brings comedy with ‘Mouth Moods’

Connor Kennedy Connector Contributor Internet culture moves very quickly. Jokes and people that were huge one year can fade into total obscurity by the next, but there are some who maintain relevance long after their initial debut. Neil Cicierega is one such person, most well-known for his creation of the “Potter Puppet Pals” series nine

‘Culture:’ Boastful and Beautiful

“Culture” is the second album released by Migos since their formation in 2009. (Photo courtesy of 300 Entertainment) Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff Atlanta, GA rap trio Migos’ “Culture” is a proclamation of their undeniable impact on not only the current state of trap music but also of popular music in general. “Culture” is appropriately

Bands to listen to: The Walters

The Walters will be stopping in Cambridge, MA on June 2 as part of their world tour with the Orwells. (Photo Courtesy of The Walters) Christopher Romano Connector Staff While The Walters’ catalog features only 16 songs in total, each one has hit home with fans. Emerging from Chicago, The Walters are a band made

‘We got it from Here…:’ Thank you for this album

This is the sixth studio album released by A Tribe Called Quest since their formation in 1985. (Photo Courtesy of AdLab) Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff Hip-hop nowadays would be drastically different had it not been for A Tribe Called Quest and their signature blend of jazz and intellectual rap. This sound has permeated throughout

‘4 Your Eyez Only:’ Not 4 me

‘4 Your Eyez Only’ is J. Cole’s fourth studio album. Benjamin St.Pierre Connector Staff Jermaine Cole, also known as J. Cole, is a rapper defined by his drive to create meaningful, message-laden hip-hop in an age where artists like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert find success in creating fun music. J. Cole attempts to

WUML’s Rock for Tots kicks off a generous holiday season

WUML brought dozens of people to Moloney Hall for the benefit concert. (Christopher Romano/Connector) Kathryn Leeber Connector Staff Raising money for two local charities, the Rock for Tots event featured four bands from around the area in a relaxed evening of music. The night showcased the talents of Daisy Bones, Oldsoul, Soft Cactus and Bay

Underrated Classics: ‘Gremlins’

This was filmed on the same set as “Back to the Future.” (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff Like last year’s “Krampus,” “Gremlins” is a strange mix between horror and comedy, as well as Christmas and Halloween themed movies that manage to blend together surprisingly well. For a Christmas present, Billy Peltzer (Zach

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