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Great treats for fans at games

Shane Foley Connector Editor Amongst the many bullets on Men’s and Women’s Basketball’s to do list this year will certainly be to raise their attendance numbers. While the few games last year at the Tsongas Center were played to large home crowds, Costello Gym has traditionally had a rougher time getting students through the door.

An interview with Orientation Leader Yonnie Collins

Marilyn Saha Connector Staff Q: Tell me about yourself. A: I am a junior majoring in exercise physiology with a minor in psychology. I am in the Honors College and am currently working on becoming inducted into ODK. Q: What’s ODK? A: ODK is Omicron Delta Kappa and it’s a National Honor Society. Q: How

Fall Fever: The big fashion trends for the season

Christina Laderoute Connector Contributor Fall weather is finally upon us: the trees have changed, the crisp air and beautiful breezes are gracing us with their presence. Naturally, with the cooler weather comes a change in fashion. Fashion seems to be a pertinent component of the fall. Scarves, knee high boots, and cute jackets. If only

Safety first: Inside scoop from University Police

This is one of the many emergency telephones seen around campus. (Michaela Goss/Connector) Katrina Desrosiers Connector Editor Staying safe on campus involves much more than looking both ways before crossing the street. The UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD) says it is important that all students use common sense and make safe choices on campus. At the

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ of a Performance

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is the first production by the Theatre Arts Program since last year’s “Refuge”. (Photo courtesy of Umass Lowell Theatre Arts Program) Hannah Manning Connector Editor The reputation of Shakespeare precedes him. The mere mention of Hamlet will have anyone who has taken a high school English class cringe. When done wrong,

Bible Talks defies expectation, brings grounded reality

Hannah Manning Connector Editor Bible Talks has been inviting students to have a discussion about the Bible since 2007 when it was revived from an earlier version had in the 1980s. Despite any expectations that people may have about the concept of a bible talk, the UMass Lowell version strives to be a gentler, more

Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation

Christina Laderoute Connector Staff A big topic of concern this year is cultural appropriation in costumes. Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture. As of lately, more and more people have been speaking out on Halloween costumes that can be considered offensive. On one side,

Students v. Faculty: Can you hear me now?

Michaela Goss Connector Editor In college, students learn to find their voices, and many have said that the support of faculty members has helped them to do so. For the most part, UMass Lowell students and faculty said they have strong relationships. They said the implementation of faculty advisors has helped them become closer and

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