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Dining hall reform continue as students return to campus

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor  Last semester many students left campus disgruntled and discouraged by the service they had received at the dining halls around campus. After what students describe as years of slipping service few students were not hopeful for change. However, as students returned to campus this week, they were greeted to new posters

Music-Business Major reflects on American Idol experience

(Courtesy of Andrew Marshall) Alecia Connolly & Hannah Manning Connector Editors  UMass Lowell student Andrew Marshall has been making quite a name for himself across Massachusetts as an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. The hardworking music-business major has fully immersed himself in his craft during his time so far at UMass Lowell. With an array of live gigs

Students respond to stopgap end to government shutdown

President Trump makes announcement from White House Rose Garden Andrew J Sciascia Connector Editor Following 35 days of uncertainty and bitterness, Washington DC was released from the grips of the longest government shutdown in United States history. The news broke Friday afternoon when President Donald Trump made a surprise announcement from the White House Rose

Increased reports of mental health issues spark University response

University officials responded to students’ grievances of lacking support and long appointment wait times at the Wellness Center in University Crossing. (Andre Ragel / Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Staff The UMass Lowell Wellness Center is currently struggling to meet all of students’ needs. “I think a lot of what we’re lacking right now is budget

Achieving in-state tuition at UMass Lowell

Isabella Cacioli Connector Contributor There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the process of getting in-state tuition for out-of-state students. “I thought you had to live in Massachusetts for 3 years or so before being considered for in-state [tuition]. The exact law, though? I’m not too sure about that,” said Connor Greenfield, a

City of Lowell considers rental amendment

Conor Dawson and Hannah Manning Connector Editors Students at UMass Lowell may encounter roadblocks to living with their friends off-campus if an amendment by the City of Lowell gets passed, which would make it harder for more than two students to rent an apartment together. This amendment proposed by the Pawtucketville Citizen’s Council defines a

Chancellor’s Open Forum: It takes a villiage

Brigid Archibald Connector Staff For the last two years, UMass Lowell has doubled down on its commitment to helping students succeed through the efforts of the Student Success Committee. The sole goal of the group is to look at what factors that contribute to student success.  This year the school has increased their effort tenfold

Constant Fox Hall fire alarms spark angry residents and staff

Brigid Archibald Connector Staff Fox Hall fire alarms are undoubtedly everyone’s least favorite UMass Lowell tradition. Whether it was last year’s busted pipes or various residents’ run of the mill cooking mistakes, it seems that Fox Hall’s alarms are wired to go off at the worst possible time and disrupt everyone’s sleep and studying. According

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