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WNDR Museum Opens in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

WNDR Museum Opens in Boston’s Downtown Crossing

(Photo courtesy of Sabine Laurent de Cannon) “One of the many exhibits at Boston’s WNDR Museum.” Sabine Laurent de Cannon Connector Contributor  “My job is [to] make the impossible possible,” Giancarlo Natale said as he concluded leading a tour through the exhibits. Natale is the general manager of the new attraction in Boston’s Downtown Crossing:

Whistler Museum brings culture to Lowell

The statue of Whistler was erected after his death in 1903 (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Contributor Of all the historic prominence encompassing downtown Lowell, The Whistler House Museum of Art contributes greatly with its distinctive beauty and fascinating history. The three-story, 14-room house at 243 Worthen St. was home to various important leaders of