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A SadFish lifestyle: Two students following their dreams

A SadFish lifestyle: Two students following their dreams

The official logo for SadFish clothing company. (Courtesy of SadFish) Alex Salucco Connector Editor Creating an original clothing line is one of the most competitive fields in terms of businesses, but two local college students have managed to gain a following for their minimalistic looks, cheap prices and passion. Matt Caruccio and Lukas Narkevicius of Danvers,

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki addresses lingering shock of presidential election results

Steve Kornacki’s expertise helped demystify the results of the presidential election. (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Editor The media’s and polls’ generally inaccurate prediction of the 2016 presidential election could not have prepared the country any less for what was to become of the U.S. presidency. MSNBC Political Correspondent and former UMass Lowell student, Steve

Finding the ‘write’ way at UMass Lowell

Ben St. Pierre Connector Staff To write is to communicate. The skill of being able to communicate effectively can go a long way in students’ lives upon graduating, whether they enter graduate school or the full-time workforce. Writing is an essential part of any career. Even if a job’s daily tasks are not focused around

Faculty and students show their acceptance

Ariah Murphy Connector Contributor One of the greatest things about this country is freedom. The idea that one is free to pursue any dream, work hard and become successful is what makes this melting pot a destination for many. Unfortunately, there seems to be an undeniable divide among this nation’s people. Acts of bias, intimidation

UMass Lowell students, faculty protest Donald Trump

Students of all backgrounds coming together to peacefully protest at UCrossing. (Christopher Romano/Connector) Christopher Romano Connector Staff At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, students formed in front of University Crossing for a protest sparked by the results of the presidential election on Nov. 8. President-elect Donald Trump has brought out many emotions in people all across

Expected attendance increase for basketball teams

Taylor Carito Connector Editor As both the men’s and women’s teams continue to establish themselves in Division I basketball, more and more people are drawn to games to support them. Support and attendance are continuing to grow, and more and more games are expected to be moved to the Tsongas Center to accommodate the numbers.

Chancellor Moloney courted by the sport of basketball

Chancellor Jacquie Moloney has high hopes for the River Hawks this year. (Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Marlon Pitter  Connector Editor On the fourth floor of University Crossing works one of UMass Lowell’s biggest basketball fans. Though it may not seem apparent in normal conversation, Chancellor Jacquie Moloney has a special place in her heart for

Financial impact of UMass Lowell basketball

Syeda Nizami Connector Contributor UMass Lowell’s recent purchase of Perkins Park Complex right next to the Tsongas Center which places about 700 students right next to the Tsongas Center, where many of UMass Lowell’s games take place, in particular ice hockey and basketball. UMass Lowell’s NCAA Division I ice hockey team is known to draw

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