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A look into Homecoming events for UMass Lowell in 2022

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell Alumni Online Community) “Homecoming is designed to be an event for current students, alumni, and family to enjoy.” Steven O’Hara Connector Contributor Another school year another week of sports, games and music for all ages approaches. Homecoming 2022 is on its way starting on Friday, September 30 spanning to Saturday,

Hawk Talk: The Forgotten Alumni Thelma Todd

(Photo courtesy of the vintage woman magazine) “Thelma Todd was a Massachusetts actress, comedian, model and pageant queen from the town of Lawrence. She was an alumni of UMass Lowell.” Olivia Goulding Connector Contributor Thelma Todd -born Thelma Alice Todd (1906-35)- was a Massachusetts actress, comedian, model, and pageant queen from the town of Lawrence

UMass Lowell celebrates its legacy of 125 years with alumni and students during homecoming

Katlyn Santo Connector Staff Homecoming is here, and UMass Lowell is celebrating its 125th anniversary. UMass Lowell started 125 years ago with the Lowell textile and Lowell normal school, according to Heather Makrez Allen, the executive director of alumni and donor relations. The university has undergone many changes in those 125 years. UMass Lowell has

“Three times” rule not sticking for season ticket holders, alumni

Hannah Manning Connector Editor “U-M-L!” “Let’s go Low-ell!” “Fred C. Church!” This is just a smattering of the many chants that River Hawk faithful in the student section say at hockey games. These chants are only said three times. It is a grand freshman tradition to be at a hockey game and overzealously yell “U-M-L”

Alumni Spotlight: Former Connector Editor-in-Chief Patronick finds paradise on the ice

Patronick has built her career from her past experiences and looks to achieve so much more beyond (Courtesy of Michelle Jay) Hannah Manning Connector Editor The trajectory of Krista Patronick’s life would be wildly different had she not decided to attend UMass Lowell. If Patronick had never spent four formative years at UMass Lowell, the

Alumni Spotlight: Different worlds above and beneath the surface in Coach Norm Bazin

Norm Bazin has been a River Hawk for over two decades (Courtesy of Hockey East) Andrew J Sciascia Connector Editor In his seven-year tenure as head coach, Norm Bazin has ushered in an era of record prosperity for the UMass Lowell men’s hockey team. Rarely appearing anything but cold and calculated from the Tsongas Arena to

Homecoming week events at UMass Lowell

Rowdy River Hawk and students cheer on the hockey team (Courtesy of Umass Lowell) Troy Lafond Connector Staff UMass Lowell’s annual homecoming festival runs from October 12-14 this year. The homecoming festival comprises of a wide variety of different events for all kinds of students, alumni and families to enjoy. The highlights of homecoming, to

English department connects with students

Henry St.Pierre Connector Staff Four UMass Lowell English alumni shared knowledge and valuable experiences about finding work after college as recent graduates at the English Networking Event. Maddie Koufogazos, Matt Chase, Morgan Hough and Megan Posco were all speakers on Nov. 4. The annual event is designed to give current students insight on what occurs