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Night Market and other collaborations between the Asian sister clubs

Night Market and other collaborations between the Asian sister clubs

(Photo courtesy of Umass Lowell Student Association of Chinese Americans Facebook) “Night Market is an annual event that is collaborated between the Asian sister clubs.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor Friday, October 21, from 6 to 8 pm, the Asian clubs hosted their annual Night Market, an event run in the fall that displays the cultures

WUML rocks tots in charity events

(Photo courtesy of WUML) “WUML hosts musical events for the benefit of various charities” Kyra Barry Connector Editor According to WUML’s very own website, where listeners can tune into the radio station if they don’t have a radio to tune in at 91.5 FM, WUML was founded in 1952 with membership open to UMass Lowell

Say yes to Jordan Peele’s “Nope”

(Photo courtesy of Duluth News Tribune) Jordan Peele’s newest smash hit has arrived in cinemas everywhere. Kyra Barry Connector Editor Mild spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Nope.   Jordan Peele’s latest effort presents the audience with a straightforward narrative of folks out in the country dealing with a UFO, but those familiar with Peele’s work have gotten used

The vital role intersectionality has in social justice and how UMass Lowell can account for it in policies

(Photo Courtesy of Mohamed Badarne) “Kimberle Crenshaw, American civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor Intersectionality is essential to social justice or at least acknowledging the concept is. Although what the term represents has existed before intersectionality was used in the social justice movement, it was coined

Cocoa and canvases and cool things to do, oh my!

Kyra Barry Connector Staff With the return to campus at the tail end of UMass Lowell’s stint with completely virtual classes comes events hosted in UMass Lowell’s dorms. Aside from having perks such as having their dorms paid for, residential advisors, aka RAs, are required to put on events for their residents. These events can

Schueller Observatory public event Feb. 9 update

(Photo Courtesy of UMass Lowell) “Schueller Observatory is located on South Campus by the sports fields, and is open to the public for monthly events during the school year.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor Wednesday, Feb. 9, the UMass Lowell Schueller Observatory will be open to the public from six to nine pm, including lectures by

Inside Lucy Kim’s “Skin Might See” debut at Mahoney Hall

(Photo Courtesy of Kyra Barry) “Lucy Kim standing in front of one of the works in her show, ‘Over, Under, Around, and Through’.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor Lucy Kim has little interest in the mundane and traditional in her works. During her January 2022 artist talk at UMass Lowell, she shared her fascination with the