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MassPIRG’s unwillingness to make inroads is both telling and troubling

Andrew J. Sciascia Connector Editor Recently, around the country we have seen a dynamic, and much needed, shift in the way we discuss predatory behaviors and actions – and it all begins with the idea of affirmative consent. For those unfamiliar with the term, affirmative consent is the idea that we should all be discussing

UMass Lowell Vote Coalition lead National Voter Registration Day

MASSPIRG students host National Voter Registration Day at University Crossing. (Andre Ragel/Connector) Andre Ragel Connector Editor The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG), UMass Lowell Democrats and the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM) hosted the 2018 National Voter Registration Day at University Crossing on September 25th. Organized by senior sociology major and MASSPIRG

MASSPIRG helps students let their voice be heard

David Bradford, a freshman and vice president of MASSPIRG. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wall) Jennifer Wall Connector Contributor MASSPIRG held a booth in Fox Hall to ensure that students had an opportunity to register to vote before the upcoming primaries, which will be held on March 1, 2016. The consumer advocacy group  works to protect

Iowa caucuses show political divide

Jennifer Wall Connector Contributor The Iowa caucuses this year showed the great divide in political parties that is now prevalent. The Iowa caucuses—which took place on Monday, Feb. 1, 2016—are an electoral event at which residents from the state gather to elect delegates. The 99 counties that make up the state of Iowa each select

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