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Finding peace in the wake of tragedy

Ann Kurian Connector Contributor As of late, it seems the world is throwing us unexpected events each and everyday. From the recent school shootings to the deportation threats to our country’s Dreamers, pain is always surrounding us. It is hard to live in our society and not loose faith in humanity. So how do we

Degou, Madigan elected SGA president, vice president; Reed re-elected trustee

President-elect Lisa Degou and Vice President-elect Brian Madigan won the election by a close margin. (Courtesy of Facebook) Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor “I thought it was a hard-fought election, between two terrific candidates. I knew whichever ticket took over, they were going to lead the student experience to be more positive. It’s the closest election

MASSPIRG helps students let their voice be heard

David Bradford, a freshman and vice president of MASSPIRG. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wall) Jennifer Wall Connector Contributor MASSPIRG held a booth in Fox Hall to ensure that students had an opportunity to register to vote before the upcoming primaries, which will be held on March 1, 2016. The consumer advocacy group  works to protect

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