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Title IX conversation between Donna Lopiano and Chancellor Julie Chen sparks controversy

Title IX conversation between Donna Lopiano and Chancellor Julie Chen sparks controversy

(Photo courtesy of Montana Office of Public Instruction) “Title IX logo used by Montana Office of Public Instruction.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor In a forum that was organized by Chancellor Julie Chen to focus on the anniversary of Title IX and its importance, guest speaker Donna Lopiano insensitively used an inappropriate racial slur twice. The

UMass Lowell remembers 9/11

(Photo courtesy of 9/11 Memorial website) “Ariel shot of the 9/11 memorial in Lower Manhattan, New York City” Lillie Zate Connector Staff Sunday, September 11th, 2022, marked the 21-year anniversary since 9/11 when 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked airplanes in different cities in New England and flew them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and

The search for Moses Harris continues as his family continues to seek out the truth

(Photo Courtesy of 25-year-old Moses Harris disappeared after an altercation with Lowell police for domestic and vandalism charges that were called in by his girlfriend. A video was taken that showed Harris walking with police before they pulled out a stun gun. As they did, he walked off towards the freezing Concord River and

The Celtics lose to the Lakers in close battle 96-95, Saturday January 30th

(Photo courtesy of Jayson Tatum defending Lebron James during the game’s second half. Emmanuel Idehen-Ovabor Connector Staff For any basketball fan, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers has been a staple rivalry. From the battles in the 1960s to their clashes in the 2008 and 2010 NBA championships, both teams have a

Hudson residents say possible amazon fulfillment centers pose a threat to the quality of life in surrounding areas

(Photo courtesy of CPS Daily News) A digital photo of a skyline with the amazon logo in front of it. Editor Note: This story has been updated since it was first posted on Oct. 12 to include the perspective of Hillwood, the developers of the Hudson Logistic Center. Nothing was removed from the original story.

UMass Lowell expands student presence in dorms while maintaining strict social distancing guidelines

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Students cross in front of one of UMass Lowell dorms called Bourgeois Hall Brigid Archibald Connector Editor Starting Oct. 5, roughly 70 more students will be moving on campus throughout the week. The Office of Residence Life (ResLife) announced in an email on Sept. 22 that students who felt that