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UMass Lowell to host Garret Felber for lecture on Malcolm X and police brutality

UMass Lowell to host Garret Felber for lecture on Malcolm X and police brutality

The speaking event on police brutality and Malcolm X will be held on Nov. 30 in O’Leary Room 222. (Courtesy of Anglonautes) Morgyn Joubert Connector Staff With the growing number of cases involving police brutality, the History Department, along-side the Working Class on Race and Ethnicity at UMass Lowell, has decided to invite speaker Garret Felber

Know Your History and Shape the Future

President Donald Trump addresses a crowd. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) Alex DePalma UMass Lowell Student Dear editor, I write to remind my fellow students of our obligation to express dissent against the xenophobia, militarism, and economic elitism of the Trump administration. Within a few weeks, the president has confirmed his loyalty to corporate interests by appointing

Opinion: Donald Trump and His Unfair Treatment

President Donald Trump was the runner-up for 2015 TIME Person of the Year award. (Courtesy of TIME Magazine) Owen Johnson Connector Staff Even well before his victory on election day, President Donald Trump has been feuding with the press and the mainstream media. The president’s antagonistic views of the press are a result of his

Revamping the history of South Campus one building at a time

Coburn Hall on South Campus. (Katrina Desrosiers/Connector) Katrina Desrosiers Connector Contributor No elevator, no ramp, bathrooms in the basement, limited parking and inaccessible offices make Coburn Hall out of reach for some UMass Lowell students, faculty and staff. In order for Coburn Hall to be an appropriate fit for South Campus, many students say that

Whistler Museum brings culture to Lowell

The statue of Whistler was erected after his death in 1903 (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Contributor Of all the historic prominence encompassing downtown Lowell, The Whistler House Museum of Art contributes greatly with its distinctive beauty and fascinating history. The three-story, 14-room house at 243 Worthen St. was home to various important leaders of

The history of the mills and evolution of Downtown Lowell

The Boott Mills Museum is a repurposed building that was originally built in 1835 (Courtesy of Boott Cotton Mills Museum) Taylor Carito Connector Staff Just over one hundred years ago Lowell was one of the homes to the boom of industrialization in New England. Textile and cotton mills lined the city’s now downtown streets, crowded

Journalist gives audience scoop on black media

Ethan Michaeli, pictured here, is the author of “The Defender.” (Photo courtesy of Kevin Nance/Chicago Tribune) David Rudderham Connector Editor What would be the solution if it was your job to distribute a newspaper that defends black rights and culture at a time where the south was still under segregation laws? The answer: use the

History of UMass Lowell basketball

Tyler O’Keefe Connector Staff In 1988, believe it or not, the UMass Lowell River Hawks were coached by Stan Van Gundy. It was actually the year before Van Gundy started coaching the River Hawks that was most impressive. Don Doucette was the coach of the team in the year of 1987 to 1988 when they

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