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Students want covered bike racks

Students want covered bike racks

(Photo courtesy of: Zachary Latta-Guiliana) “The bike rack in front of Riverview Suites on south campus.” Zachary Latta-Guiliana Connector Contributor Despite UML’s aims, there are still some areas on campus that sorely need some biking upgrades. UML[NT1]  has been trying to increase its biking population for over a decade, with Freewheelers debuting in 2011, and

Do we recycle?

(Photo courtesy of Ed Brennen) “UML has made events centered around recycling in the past.” Jonathan Martinez Connector Contributor More than just environmental experts are invested in keeping the world clean, including UMass Lowell professors who want to see more people recycling and want to see more changes at these places of work. The three

Seattle Kraken Climate Pledge Arena committed to net zero carbon emissions

(Photo courtesy of “Climate Pledge Arena located by the skyline of Seattle.” Steven O’Hara Connector Editor Sustainability is a major goal for many businesses and groups in the active face off against Climate Change. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Jeff Bezos and the Seattle Kraken have worked together to implement their

CoolGreenGames – how digital games impact the environment

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) The Atari Game Dump is one of the most infamous examples of physical games being disposed of en masse. Riley Fontana Connector Editor Physical games are being traded in for digital downloads more and more each year, especially as more consoles get released. How does gaming affect the environment and is

UMass Lowell’s steps to becoming a more sustainable campus for students

(Photo Courtesy of UMass Lowell Office of Sustainability) A shot from the sustainable greenhosue on East Campus. Shriya Thakur Connector Contributor The sustainability program at UMass Lowell has grown enormously since its start. Established in 1932, UMass Lowell has emphasized sustainability on and off campus. Starting off with the launch of its recycling program, the