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Fun Things To Do In Lowell

(Photo courtesy of LikeLowell) “A view of Lowell’s historic downtown.”

Valentina Munoz Roa
Connector Contributor

As the new semester begins and students reacquaint themselves with campus as well as get used to a set schedule throughout the weekdays, but what about the weekends? Or the free time students have when they aren’t studying? For anyone that is new on campus or that hasn’t ventured outside of campus, there’s so much to see outside UMass Lowell. Though for anyone that hasn’t even ventured outside their dorm room or classes there’s also plenty to do on campus as well.

If you’re in the mood to explore outside of campus there’s plenty of restaurants, shops, museums and more. Given Lowell’s diversity in culture there are plenty of ethnic restaurants to try out. Egyptian Grill and Eggroll Café are some good choices suggested by Sohini Nath, a UMass Lowell student. The Eggroll Café is a good option for “students that are on a budget”, Sohini said. If you are student looking for Latin food restaurants like El Jefe, Asados Dona Flor, Gary’s Restaurant & Bar, Oasis Grill & Restaurant, etc. There are also plenty Asian restaurants such as Sizzling Kitchen, Viet-Thai, Udupi Bhavan, etc.

After a good lunch going to Mill 5 for some shopping is a good option. Mill 5 is the best choice for shopping if you are looking for vintage vinyl (Vinyl Destination), used or new books (Lowell Book Company), vintage cameras (250th camera) and so much more. It also has an old vibe movie theater called The Luna Theater and a café called Coffee and Cotton. They also have varied events that happen during the year such as a farmers market and live music.

Lowell has an expansive history as well, so if you’re into history or just want to learn more about the city itself try visiting the museums the city has to offer. Learn about the changes the industrial revolution brought to Lowell by visiting The Boott Cotton Mills Museum or the Lowell National Historical Park. Another alternative is to visit the New England Quilt Museum which showcases antique and contemporary quilts.

On those good and sunny days taking a walk or a picnic at one of the parks in the city is a good alternative. Shedd Park, Lowell Heritage State Park andRogers Fort Hill Park are just some of the parks you could visit. If it’s a rainy day stopping by showcase cinema to watch recent movies hitting the box office.

There’s also plenty of activities to do within campus if nothing within the city catches your eye. Students Brian Cleavitt and Mihir Parekh suggest you look out for events that happen at the Tsongas center this semester. If you’re a Trippie Red fan he will be performing October 22, 2022, at the Tsongas center. There also plenty of hockey games you could also attend this semester. You could also attend a women’s soccer, men’s soccer, or field hockey game throughout this semester. On those good days stop by the UMass Lowell Boat House for some kayaking.

Lowell has many activities and places college students can visit whether it’s on or off campus. There’s something fun out there for everyone to enjoy. Go out and get to know not only the campus of UMass Lowell but also the city itself. You might just find a hidden little city gem no one knows about.

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