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A Sustainable Thrift Day

(Photo courtesy of Student Society of Sustainability instagram) “A promo for the upcoming thrifty event.”

Julie Sage
Connector Staff

Do you like thrifting, or have you ever wanted to go thrifting but haven’t had the ability to yet? Well, on October 14th, the Student Society for Sustainability is holding a Thrifting Day event in Maloney Hall at University Crossing from 3:30 to 6:30 PM. You don’t have to worry about bringing money; all the clothes there will be free!

For those who don’t know what thrifting is, thrifting is shopping at places where people donate items like clothing or home goods. For instance, Goodwill and Savers are thrifting stores. Thrifting can also apply to flea markets and garage sales. Many people go thrifting because they can find good quality things at low prices, but there are other reasons students go as well. Orlendi Hernandez, a criminal justice major, said, “thrifting is very beneficial to those who have a budget for personal reasons in life or for those who struggle. It’s known as a charity event so many judge those who thrift, but it also contains many nice looking things for a cheap price.” Another student, Joey Schmidt-Gross, a psychology major, said, “I think it’s the most ethical and sustainable way to buy clothes.” Thrifting is a great way for college students to get new clothes, furniture and decorations for their dorm since we already have to pay for so many things to go to college. This event is going to be even better than regular thrifting because all of the clothes that are going to be there are free.

However, for there to be clothes at the Thrifting Day for students to thrift, we need to donate some clothes. On October 12th, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM on the first floor of University Crossing, the Student Society for Sustainability is running a Donation Day. They will have bins labeled for clothes drop-off at this time. Here, you can donate any clothes that you don’t fit in anymore or don’t want to wear anymore, but please do not drop off any damaged clothing. I have a lot of clothes that I will be donating. The best part is that all the clothes left after the event will be donated to the Wish Project in Lowell.

The Wish Project is a fantastic organization that helps many people who are in need. People who are homeless or lost their homes in a disaster, the elderly, people who are mentally and physically ill and children in need. They not only help with clothing, but they also give other things like furniture and home goods. Whatever those families need, the Wish Project will try its best to help them. All of the things they have to give are donations from other people. So even if you think the clothes you have that you want to get rid of wouldn’t fit any of the students here or that no one would like them, please still donate those clothes. They can be given to the Wish Project and it could help a lot of different people.

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