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Why all pants should have pockets in them

(Photo courtesy of Daily Beast) “For many, having pockets in pants is an integral part of daily life.”

Riley Fontana
Connector Editor

I am a simple man who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. One of those pleasures is pockets. I love pockets, I can carry everything I need for the day and don’t have to worry about digging through my bag to find anything. The worst thing in the world is finding really cute and comfortable pants just to find out they don’t have pockets.

This article is inspired by a certain pair of pajama pants I own. They are some of the comfiest lounge pants I have ever had. They are a few years old from Target’s pajama section, so, not only are they comfortable, but they are skeleton print. They are perfect in almost every way, except they don’t have pockets.

Every item of clothing should have pockets and they should be deep. Everyone has things to carry and to hold. Have you ever been walking and found a really cool rock, only to not be able to carry it home with you because your clothes didn’t have pockets? That might not be a fully universal experience, but everyone has found a small trinket at some point they wanted to carry but couldn’t.

There is no reason clothing should not have pockets. Adult clothing, especially, should have pockets. Walking the aisles of a store and passing the baby clothing where they get bigger and deeper pockets than me a grown man is so upsetting. Babies have nothing to carry. I have several things to carry. I don’t think we should take away the pockets on baby clothes because they are adorable, I just think adults should get them as well.

The worst thing clothing companies can do besides not giving people pockets on clothes are those fake pockets. Why would clothing brands tempt us with the promise of carrying things just to stitch them shut? It’s a cruel world out here for people who love pockets. Not only are there the sewn-shut fake pockets, there is the next worst offender: shallow pockets. I have dropped so many items due to shallow pockets as I am trying to collect shiny things.

I believe all forms of clothing should have pockets,. dresses and skirts especially. Feminine people should not have to spend more money on bags after spending money on clothing just to be able to carry their items. Plus, have you ever seen how excited a person wearing a dress gets when you compliment them and they say, “Thank you it has pockets!” Bring more joy to those who choose to wear dresses and skirts.

If I love pockets so much, I must have clothing suggestions for those who also love pockets right? Yes, I do. Overalls. Overalls have the most pockets of any clothing I have ever worn and I easily own like 8 pairs. I wear them when I want to collect little trinkets wherever I go and give cool rocks to my friends. While overalls have the perfect amount of pockets, everything should have pockets.

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